It Happened Despite of Hate of the Haters!

It Happened Despite of Hate of the Haters!

Very few people supported the idea of the Constitutional Committee from the beginning, about two years ago and during the preparations for the Sochi Conference, and then during that conference in early 2018. In contrast, there were a large number of rejectionists from several sides, part of them now returned to support the committee after it became a fait accompli.

In any case, five clear types of dealing with the Constitutional Committee have surfaced before and after its announcement: the first type are honest people who were misled at the time and rejected the Committee, and accept it later when the facts became clearer. The second type are those who rejected the Committee, acted against it, and are now supporting it hypocritically, and they intend to continue working against it in different ways. The third type are those who rejected it and continued to reject it until the present moment, and those are the ones who can be designated as being outside the political map of the future Syria. The fourth type are those who accepted the idea and encouraged it at the beginning, and now they are working against it publicly, and it is not clear whether they were hypocrites at the time of their rejection or at the time of their accepting... The fifth type, in contrast, are those who encouraged the idea from the beginning and defended it so long to achieve it.

The Committee has become a fait accompli. Its being formed carries a number of implications, the most important of them are:

- The leading role of the Astana trio in solving the Syrian issue, in parallel with the rapid decline of the role of the West represented by the Small Group led by Washington.

- "The committee is the key to the solution, not the whole solution, because its formation is the first practical step in the full implementation of UNSCR 2254", as noted in Kassioun editorial, issue 924, on September 28th, 2019, entitled "The Constitutional Committee: A Key Only".

- The fact that the Committee is a first step and key to the full implementation of UNSCR 2254 is not only an idea presented by Kassioun; it is a formal part  of the agreement on the Committee, and of the statement of its patrons (the joined statement of prime ministers of Russia, Turkey and Iran), signed on 24 of September 2019 [after a meeting in the Astana format on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly session] where in its fifth item,  the following was mentioned:

 “They stressed that this decisive step will serve as the start of the viable and long-term political process, led and implemented by Syrians themselves with the support of the UN, in accordance with the decisions of the Congress of National Syrian Dialogue in Sochi and UN Security Council Resolution 2254

- The most important implication of the formation of the Constitutional Committee is that all hindering forces, whether international, regional or local, have become immeasurably weaker than in the past. They have been unable, for years, to present projects and plans for solutions, and they made tireless efforts to hinder the solutions proposed by others. Today, they are also unable to prevent such solutions.

- With the formation of the Constitutional Committee, the Syrian sorting today has begun breaking free out of the vicious circle of division between supporters and opponents. The sorting is now between those who support, both in words and deeds, the political process that allows the Syrian people to self-determine their own fate and move to a new Syria, and those who stand against this.

- The formation of the Constitutional Committee means that the real political process has begun and will move forward, despite of hate of the haters!

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No. 933, Sept. 30, 2019