Tankers Warfare and Western Tolerance!

Tankers Warfare and Western Tolerance!

It was just a month since Iran downed of the US drone, and the subsequent mutual reactions, until the tension entered a new stage through the tankers-warfare, moving from Gibraltar to the Straits of Hormuz up to Brazil.

The US "clamor" after the downing of the drone, which included loudly talk about intensifying the sanctions, and reached the point of announcement of readiness for military strikes that were quickly withdrawn afterwards ¬– this clamor ended with Trump's calls for dialogue with Iran without preconditions. It should not be dropped from the considerations related to the reactions upon the drone downing, that the lame and uncertain response through making unconfirmed claims about the downing of Iranian drone, only 1 km from a US battleship, which, if true, would be an US military scandal that reveals that the limits of US navy's immunity have narrowed to less than 1 km, making the US navy under the threat to be targeted by any drone from outside this distance!

Returning to the subject of seizing the British Tanker, which came, after many warnings, as a response to the continuity of the Americans and the Europeans in their policies that attempt to destroy Iran through economic blockade ¬– the US response, which expressed solidarity with the British, did not miss, through Trump's words, to reaffirm that Washington's interest in the Strait of Hormuz and the transit of oil in it, is not a high interest, because US is "self-sufficient and has its own resources", which is contrary to the fact of the Western dependence in general and US in particular, on maritime routes as routes for world trade in general, and not only for oil trade, which can be interpreted as an American attempt to further blackmail their allies to drive them into directly paying the price for US policies in the region and the world.

On the other hand, the incident showed that the historic rulers of Europe, especially the United Kingdom and France, and in the first serious confrontation with the facts of the new world, turned out to be only second-class forces at the global level, if not third-class or lower. The arrogant West, which has dominated the world for 500 years, is now an advocate of dialogue and negotiation and has become "tolerant" because its teeth are no longer capable of tearing off the flesh of the peoples... The preliminary results that can be recorded from the whole of the tankers warfare are the following:

First, the new international balance of power, which has become a reality, entered a new phase; where the West moved from planning and attack, to develop plans designed to impede the plans of others only, then now to the stage of defense.

Second, the size of Western "tolerance" is a direct expression of the size of the "slam" that the Western powers are suffering, which will not stop at the limit reached during these two months, but will proceed at higher speeds and in clearer directions.

Within this general trend, with regard to the Syrian crisis, and under Western "tolerance", which will increase in the future days, the path became open in an objective sense to a genuine, radical and comprehensive solution.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No 923, July 22, 2019