Caving in

Caving in

The scene of September 2001' collapse of New York Trade Center Twin Tower can be considered as a typical example of what the specialists call a "cave in". The basis of a building is being trapped with a special kind of explosives that produce extremely high temperatures which lead to melting its groundwork resulting in the collapse of the same building without affecting the neighboring ones.


One can say today that the "BRICS" group and its allies are working on bringing about an American cave-in that will be inevitable with the persistence of preventing Washington from waging wars, as a devotion of its economic, political and military suffocations.

The new international balance of forces imposes on the United States and its camp one of two options, either a systematic decline where Washington takes a size that fits its contribution in the world gross product (this contribution did not exceed 18% ten years ago, and it is now far less), or a sudden collapse that resembles the metaphor above. As the first option is much more rational, yet it- as a systematic decline- means at the same time a collapse of a particular part of the Capitalist system: the purely non-productive financial and banking sectors, led by world Zionism. This, in turn, means that for those sectors the option of sticking to wars through a "new fascist" form would be a project to "fight" for.

The international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, its Al-Qaida and derivatives spearheads, do represents in our days the new fascist option, as they form altogether a widespread financial structure, capable of delivering the most reactionary forms of the rule of financial oligarchies. They are fundamentally able to create continuous wars aiming eventually at attacking the development of the production forces worldwide, which can no longer be endured by the world capitalist system. Hence, the rational option can be explained in preventing wars so far, and in hindering fascism, which the capitalist governments were forced during WWII to break with, eventually, to ally with the Soviet Union, its bitterest enemy, at the time.

It is true that Syria's intended attendance of Geneva-2 is a victory over the forces of war and new fascism, yet this would not the final round, as the continuation of supporting the foreign neo-fascist insurgents by Washington and the insistence of the hardliners of both the regime and the opposition to hindering the political solution, would make future battles heavily hard and expensive. The bloody clashes that took place last week between the opposition factions and takfiri insurgents, especially in the northern parts of Syria, can't be enlisted within the "fight for spoils" as portrayed by some people, rather the American administration is attempting to bring forward those anti-dialogue, takfiri forces in order to prolong the military struggle and using them as a "time bomb" and a future pressing card even after the start of the political solution.

Moving the coordinates of the Syrian conflict to their political form and leading it through to its needed national ends require healing up all the minor and secondary divisions among the Syrians and strengthening their unity in the face of major corruption forces inside the state structure and the society, taking into consideration that these forces have been forming the passageways for the external enemies, and in the face of this outside enemy embodied essentially in the non-Syrian takfiri organizations.