How Will the Saudi-Iranian Reconciliation Reflect on the Syrian File?
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How Will the Saudi-Iranian Reconciliation Reflect on the Syrian File?

Through the many years of the Syrian crisis, and even shortly before it, Syria was portrayed as an arena of conflict and competition between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Western cultural, media, and political sabotage had reached the point of attempting to portray the Syrian arena as a foundation for rapprochement between the “Arabs” and “Israel” against Iran. Now this tale and these attempts have collapsed once and for all.

Saudi-Iranian reconciliation, from the point of view of our interests as Syrians, means the following:

First: The Western “Small Group”, after nearly completely losing Turkey, and will soon officially lose it with a Syrian-Turkish settlement, is now losing Saudi Arabia, the most important Arab country in the group. This means that the influence this group has on Syria is approaching zero.

Second: Trying to play on contradictions and using extortion, carried out by the extremists and warlords in Syria, based on what seemed to be parity of forces between the West and the East in Syria, has come to an end, and therefore there is no longer any escape from a comprehensive political solution.

Third: Implicitly, the door to the Western policy of “changing the regime’s behavior” and “step for step” has been closed forever.

Fourth: This reconciliation will allow for speeding up the Astana efforts on the Syrian-Turkish settlement and will restrain those trying to obstruct it.

Fifth: Progress of the Syrian-Turkish settlement through Russian-Iranian mediation, after the Saudi-Iranian reconciliation through Chinese mediation, in addition to the recent resolution of problems between the Arab countries and Turkey, means that the appropriate international and regional circumstance for the full implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254 is complete, and only implementation thereof remains.

Sixth: This integration of cooperation without and against the US and the Zionist entity also means that the basis for expelling foreign forces from Syria, mainly the Zionist occupation forces from the Golan and the American occupation forces from al-Tanf and northeastern Syria, is also complete and only implementation thereof remains.

Seventh: The state of Zionist debauchery and undermining Syria’s and Syrians’ dignity through the continuous attacks, has come to an end, and the door to retaliation will open with the completion of a political solution that will enable the Syrian people, with all their might, to take control of all matters.

Eighth: This reconciliation is a very important message to those of the Syrian sides who are still counting on the Americans, who, if they do not quickly understand the message, will cost the Syrian people unnecessary additional pain, not to mention that it will cost them their entire political future. Thus, this reconciliation is a warning that may be the last for them to come to their senses and comprehend what is going on, primarily for the benefit of the Syrian people and also for their own benefit.

The Saudi-Iranian reconciliation, as Kassioun stated in its editorial, is “a good omen” for the entire region, and for Syria in particular. This requires all patriotic forces in Syria to prepare for a major and continuous effort to reunite and rebuild the country. It also requires that the Syrian people create with their own hands a new political space that truly represents them, far from the forces that are trying to fool them and work against them, and also far from the ancient forces that are afflicted with all kinds of diseases, mainly being completely detached from reality.

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