The Frenzied Zionist Sabotage Efforts in Syria ... Will Become More Frantic
Raed Saeed Raed Saeed

The Frenzied Zionist Sabotage Efforts in Syria ... Will Become More Frantic

It is nearly impossible to draw clear boundaries for the mechanisms and depth of Zionist interventions in the Syrian situation. If air strikes are the clearest of those boundaries, they certainly are not the only means, and possibly not the most important. Though it is possible to determine to some extent the major headlines of these interventions, understanding their various dimensions and their depth requires a great amount of undisclosed information.

We do not seek here to expose all these boundaries and dimensions; it is not something we can undertake. However, on the other hand, it is possible to ponder some of the main headlines, especially those emerging lately.

The Political Solution Dossier

The enemy’s entity seeks, through mobilization of a group of minions of its agents who hold Syrian citizenship, and through rumors they spread about the nature of the solution and its timing, to suggest a number of things:

1- “Israel” will have a share in the Syrian solution, even the largest share.

2- The supposed international agreement about the solution goes through Tel Aviv; specifically, it goes through a tripartite agreement (also hypothetical) among Russia, the US, “Israel”.

3- The “supposed” agreement is an agreement that is entirely against Iran, partly against Turkey, and entirely in the interests of “Israel”.

The clear objective behind these lies is summarized as follows:

Firstly, since the group concerned with actually opening the door to the Syrian solution and the strategic stakeholder therein, and as everyone knows, is specifically the Astana group, the prevention of the solution also by attempting to sabotage Astana, at the tripartite and bilateral relations level. It goes without saying that repeating lies of the aforementioned pattern is intended to cause a disruption in relations between Russia and Iran on the one hand and Russia and Turkey on the one hand, and even between Iran and Turkey.

Secondly, in the event the Zionist lies fail to foil the solution, which will necessarily be against Zionist desires, it is in the interest of the occupying entity to suggest that it owns the solution or that it is a major contributor thereto. This would (in its opinion) alleviate (at least media-wise and politically) the impact of the defeat that comes with Syria going towards stability.

Toxic Intersections

For one to be fair in reading what is going on, one cannot lose sight of the roles played by Syrian extremists from the various parties. Their roles ultimately feed into the same mill. The hostility of the extremists on both sides towards the Astana formula is no secret, nor are their continuous attempts to sow discord among the Astana parties. This naturally intersects with the general Western propaganda, especially the British and American. The sheer volume of noise coming from “multiple sources” would ultimately have an impact; or that this is what these “sources” rely on.

The Northeast Dossier

In the same manner, the Zionists seek to hurt the Syrian Kurds, and to make false suggestions that they (the Zionists) support their (the Kurds’) “project”, and that the Kurds, in turn, see no harm in the Zionists’ projects. If it is not possible to categorically deny the connection between some people here and there – whether consciously or due to ignorance – to the Zionist, then what is certain is that the Syrian Kurds generally are like the rest of the Syrians with regard to the national issue, patriots at heart. What the Zionists seeks to do with their suggestions, is to create and perpetuate additional isolation that leads to the continuation of war and attrition, and even to division and ripping apart if possible.

In this context, Russia’s representative to the Security Council, during last Thursday’s session on the 23rd of this month, was very clear in what he said, and even sent a clear message that Russia understands what “Israel” is trying to do and will not allow it. The Russian representative said about this issue, among other things: “We once again call on Israel to stop airstrikes on Syrian territory, to stop foreign occupation of Syria, as well as attempts to pull Syria apart piece by piece, and to freeze artificial dividing lines.”

The South Dossier

In the south as well, the Zionist entity does not stop its attempts to penetrate the population in various ways, and through sectarian overtones at times and tribal at other times. All of this is borne out by the propaganda of “combatting the Iranian presence”, and even getting to the point of throwing around lies about “autonomy” and “independent armies” and so on. The truth is that the actual strength of Zionist tools in the south can be measured simply as linked in inverse proportion to the amount of the shouting and lies the Zionist entity throws around. The frenzied situation prevailing in the lies that are being cast around southern Syria indicates exactly the weakness of the Zionist direct ability to implement what these lies say.

The Frenzied One Will Get More Frantic

What should be evident in everyone’s mind is that the frantic state of the of the Zionist entity, which is primarily related to the chronic US-Western retreat in the region, something that constitutes an existential danger that has not been missed by Zionist research centers, will not decline, but will grow exponentially in the near future.

Perhaps one of the most important factors that sparked the entity’s hysteria recently was what was stated in the joint statement issued in the sixth summit of the Astana tripartite, which was held in early July. Specifically, the eleventh article of the statement, which stated: “(The three presidents) Reaffirmed the necessity to respect universally recognized international legal decisions, including those provisions of the relevant UN resolutions rejecting the occupation of Syrian Golan, first and foremost UN Security Council Resolution 497 and thus condemned the decision of the US Administration on the occupied Syrian Golan, which constitutes a grave violation of international law and threatens regional peace and security. They consider Israeli military attacks in Syria as destabilizing and violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of this country and intensifying the tension in the region.”

Resolving the Syrian crisis, and resolving it in accordance with UNSC Resolution 2254, i.e. in a way that preserves Syria’s unity and paves the way for the full restoration of its sovereignty in both aspects: the sovereignty of the people over their state, and the sovereignty of the state over its territory, will mean the end of an international balance that allowed the Zionist entity to arise, expand, and be aggressive. This will also mean starting a new historical era in which a new international balance prevails and contrasts the interests of the Zionist and fundamentally Zionism. Thus, it is not surprising that the level of Zionist hysteria and frenzy will rise in an unprecedented way.

As such, it is not at all surprising that resolving the Syrian crisis is a constant nightmare for the Zionist, and it is therefore not surprising that the Zionist entity would actuate all the dirty games at its disposal, including those that reflect a massive racist heritage, particularly the Nazi-like methods, and way of working and thinking.