What is the Purpose of the Zionist Lies about Syria’s Future?
Raed Saeed Raed Saeed

What is the Purpose of the Zionist Lies about Syria’s Future?

Over the past few months, and in particular last month, the virtual and media spaces were flooded with a large amount of statements and articles that talk about specific dates, deadlines, and mechanisms for the process of change in Syria.

What is striking and interesting, is the direct Zionist involvement in the production of the detailed news on Syria, whether it came through the person called “Edy Cohen” or his likes, or through some other nobodies who are Zionist agents of Syrian origin.

A Unified Western Wave

The first thing that one should ponder with regards to the Zionist-originating news is that it is not isolated from the general Western wave, part of the lead of which is US envoy James Jeffrey with his extensive statements, as well as the British press. We can recall the wave of articles and statements that ostensibly relied on some articles that criticized the Syrian regime in the Russian press and tried to use them in a completely opposite direction.

The West has sought, in cooperation and solidarity with the extremists on both sides of the Syrian crisis, to always and forever use focusing on personalities to prevent the process of change and resolving the Syrian crisis, and to deepen it and deepen the attrition to achieve the “desired” total devastation.

Content of the Lies

The Zionist, American, and British lies focus on the following idea: There is a secret agreement among Russia, the United States, and “Israel” that includes the following points:

1- Overthrowing the regime in Syria and imposing an alternative regime through a military council or the like.

2- Expelling Iran from Syria.

3- Transforming Syria into a federal country divided into several regions, each of which is governed by a special government, the general system would be parliamentary, and the center weak.

More Lies

For these lies to be believable, they are backed up with more lies, along the lines of the famous Nazi principle, the principle of Goebbels, the minister of Nazi propaganda: “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.”

The additional lies involve looking for any detail, meeting, or procedure and trying to make it fascinating, gargantuan, and distorted so that it falls within the same false narrative. For example, the exaggerations, conclusions, and amazing analyses that focused on specific meetings that the Russian side conducted with some Syrian groups and personalities, even though they were no more than marginal meetings within a large number of meetings that the Russians conducted during the same period.

However, all that alone is not enough. Things must be considered on some basis that is “logical”, even if it is absurd logic, but there must be some “logic”. Accordingly, the whole story is being developed on the basis of the following idea: The Russians are trying to get rid of the Syrian predicament, especially in light of the Caesar Act, and therefore they are forced to make concessions to the US and the Zionists at the expense of their other allies, especially within the Astana trio.

A Broader View

Indulging in a discussion regarding the validity of the aforementioned lies is part of the same game, and it is as the saying goes: drowning in a glass of water. Therefore, the best way to understand their meanings and objectives is to broaden the viewing angle, back to understanding the essence of the ongoing international and regional conflicts, and then review the Syrian situation in its context and not within an imaginary and hypothetical context.

Washington - London - Tel Aviv

We should always recall Jeffrey’s statement (May 12 in a panel at the Hudson Institute), in which he said: “Our military presence [in Syria], while small is important to this whole overall calculation. So we urge the Congress, the American people, the president to keep these forces on. But again, this isn’t Afghanistan. This isn’t Vietnam. This isn’t a quagmire. My job is to make it a quagmire for the Russians.”

This statement reaffirms the essence of US policy in the region: creative chaos. It is also possible to recall the US position regarding al-Nusra, from another statement by Jeffrey, in which he clearly indicated the possibility of removing it from the lists of designated terrorist groups.

What is more important than the statements is the practical behavior of the United States, which has always been directed towards complicating the Syrian crisis, and locking in the state of fragmentation, including the economic crime the US commits through sanctions in general and the Caesar Act in particular.

Even more important than statements and the practical behavior, is understanding the greater projects for the US on the one hand, and Russia and China on the other. While the US defense strategy of 2018 made clear that its primary priority is to compete with China and Russia and not combat terrorism, the priority for Russia and China as emerging economies is to establish stability in their immediate neighborhood, and Syria is part of this very proximate neighborhood, because stability is a necessary condition for converting Eurasian, the Belt, and other mega projects into a realistic possibility. Contrary to that, delaying the rise of Russia and China necessarily requires prolonging the conflict and chaos as much as possible.

It is nearly impossible for anyone following the global situation to forget that our region in particular, and especially Syria, has become a fuel to sustain the crises of the entire region. More seriously, if it continues within the same situation, with the intensification of US sanctions and the intensification of sabotage operations, it will certainly turn into a detonator that will reignite the war on larger and more massive proportions.

Therefore, we can say, regardless of any American, British, or Zionist statement, that the best situation for those is to lock in the situation as is; that is, to perpetuate attrition and increase the possibilities of explosions on a wider scale, and certainly thwart a solution by preventing change, which would be by preventing the full implementation of UNSC resolution 2254. It is not surprising in this context that the Russian Foreign Minister stated clearly on the margins of his meeting with a Libyan delegation in Moscow that what is required is the full implementation of Resolution 2254.

In other words, the Russian-Chinese projects on the one hand and the American-Zionist on the other are completely opposite in Syria. The first’s highest interest is stability, no stability without the full implementation of 2254, and no stability in the models put forth by the West of the type of federalism and the weak state, like in the Iraqi and Lebanese models. The second’s interest is destruction, and therefore change should be stopped, and the implementation of the resolution prevented in any way, which pushing for the Iraqi, Lebanese, Yugoslavian, and other destructive Western models.

What is the Purpose of the Lies?

The Zionist lies’ objectives could be summarized as follows:

1- The false suggestion that Russia is working against Iran, which would stir discord and fissure, complicate and delay the political solution process, or prevent it altogether, which is the Zionist’s wish.

2- The false suggestion that Russia is “betraying” the Syrian people, which benefits the extremists in the regime and the opposition and helps them line with the US against the solution, whether or not they declare that.

3- Within the “worst” scenario from the American Zionist point of view, and the best from the point of view of the Syrian national interest, i.e. within the scenario of implementing the resolution and resolving the crisis (the increase of probability of this scenario to unprecedented limits is precisely what is driving the generation of the lies we are talking about), the Zionist and the American, through the sheer amount of lies, will try to reduce the great effects of their defeat in Syria, by suggesting that they are key controllers of what is happening and will happen.

This is because they know for certain, and because Syria has become the most essential epicenter within the international conflict, that the moment of the full implementation of Resolution 2254 is, in the historical sense, the exact moment of locking in the new international balance of powers, which will once and for all eliminate unipolarism and the five-century long Western domination. The new balance of power will not stop at resolving the Syrian issue; instead, resolving it will become the base from which major changes at the global level as a whole will take off.

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