Together to Stop the Turkish Aggression... Together for a Political Solution

Together to Stop the Turkish Aggression... Together for a Political Solution

The Turkish aggression on the Afrin area continues for the third week. Media reports indicate considerable human and material losses and massive displacements of populated areas along the seam lines, adding a new chapter to the Syrian tragedy that has been going on for seven years.

What is taking place in Afrin does not only concern the people belonging to the Kurdish nationality who populates the region, but it is also a general national Syrian affair. Therefore, the response to the aggression is a national Syrian mission, and what is required at this moment by all Syrian patriots is to stop the aggression immediately, the withdrawal of Turkish forces, and pressure to accelerate the political solution in a full and integrated way, in accordance with UN resolution 2254, which means resolving the issues in bulk, including the restoration of sovereignty over the entire Syrian territory, maintaining the unity of Syria, and the withdrawal of all foreign forces, up to achieving radical and comprehensive national democratic change, securing an environment that enables the Syrians to self-determination, and resolve all outstanding issues at the negotiating table through consensus, with participation of all Syrians in this solution, including the forces of «self-management».

The People's Will Party condemns the Turkish aggression, and declares its solidarity with the people of Afrin in their response to the Turkish brutality. At the same time, it stresses the need to get rid of the erroneous political accounts, especially the attempts to impose the fait accompli, taking advantage of the US presence which is the main responsible of recent escalation in the Syrian north, through US attempts to push the various forces into a new impasse, and turn the Syrian field into a field to settle accounts, through blackmail, trouble-making, and chaos.

People’s Will Party

7 – 2 – 2018