Sudan and Algeria; Objective: Eradicate Corruption

Like regimes learn from mistakes of others, also peoples learn from the lessons of others. If the popular movements that have been emerged since 2011 until now, indicated a clear beginning of the global social-political movement, their maturity and the…

Liberation of the Golan Today not Tomorrow

More than 50 years have passed since the occupation of our territory in the Golan. During this half-century, not only the Golan was the victim, but the effects of this occupation have extended to the entire socio-economic and political structure…

Production and Reproduction of Life!

«According to the materialistic conception of history, the production and reproduction of real life constitutes in the last instance the determining factor of history», Engels wrote in to Joseph Bloch in a letter on historical materialism in 1890*.

No Radical Solution Without Golan

When Washington makes isolated decision or approach away from the whole world, while its own decline as evident for anyone who sees, it means, first of all, that it is an obligatory approach.

Sanctions and Corruption: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Western countries continue to tighten their economic sanctions on Syria, at various levels, including sanctions on individuals and institutions, as well as threats of sanctions against other countries if they deal with Syria economically.

Signs of US Fluctuation and its Fates

James Jeffrey was reemerged from his almost three-month lull: since Trump announced the withdrawal of his forces from Syria until the beginning of the last week. He reappeared repeating his same «goals» that he had put forward since his appointment,…

Syrian-Turkish Relations and the New World

He loses his understanding of reality and falls into errors ranging from minor to major, in the national sense, the one who views Astana as a temporary or transitory understanding related to Syria.

Astana... Who is with it and Who is Against it?

Anyone who tries to understand the Syrian crisis can look at Astana's path, its development and impact, as one of the components of this understanding. But stopping at this point in reading, that is to say, to consider Astana as…

How to Restore National Sovereignty?

Article 2 of Chapter 1 of the current Constitution of the Syrian Arab Republic, states that «Sovereignty is an attribute of the people; and no individual or group may claim sovereignty. Sovereignty shall be based on the principle of the…

Socialism is the Solution!

«America will never be a socialist country», said Donald Trump in his annual State of the Union address, in front of members of the Congress a few days ago. Not only this, but he also added: «We are alarmed by…