Aggression between Motives and Results

There are many reasons for the Western aggression on Syria, some of them related to the situation in the country, and around it, and the direction of development of events therein, and some of them exceed the scope of the…

The Chemical Again

On Sunday morning, the world woke up to a new propaganda campaign on the use of chemical weapons, after the problem of Al-Gouta was nearing an end, after restoration of large areas back to the authority of the Syrian state.…

US Retreat and Filling of the Gap

The gradual US retreat became evident, tangible, and outside of debate, and more importantly, it became steady, continuous, and obligatory irreplaceable trend.

Guarantees of Syria's Unity

The threat to Syria's unity began with the beginning of the armed conflict in the country on the basis of the "Quell vs. Overthrow" duality.

The Threat of Aggression and Inevitable Result

The war forces in the US administration are again threatening to resort to the military option and direct intervention in Syria, in parallel with a wide propaganda campaign alternated by Western and Arab media, to convince public opinion of the…

Despite Escalation...The Solution is Coming!

There are different analyses, about the recent military escalation, in and around Syria, and about its consequences. This makes the general impression, that things are decided by military weapons, prevail again.

“The American Age” Irreversible Fall

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the world has been in a tug of war between two conflicting poles: Imperialism, with its quest for survival and expansion, on the one hand, and the peoples of the world, with their…

2401: The Significance and Messages

Security Council Resolution 2401 which was issued on 24 February 2018 has brought many indications and messages, on the Syrian, regional and international levels, in the context of the conflict in and around Syria:

«Constitutional reform», a new opportunity

There is no doubt that the constitution of any country is a sovereign matter. It goes without saying that it would have been better if the crisis had not reached what it had reached, and would have been better if…

The Last Attempts of Obstruction

The forces of obstruction have spared no effort, since the Geneva 1 Communiqué up to the present date, to prevent the political solution. With every step of progress in the political process, and whenever the circumstances became suitable for turning…