Socialism is the Solution!

«America will never be a socialist country», said Donald Trump in his annual State of the Union address, in front of members of the Congress a few days ago. Not only this, but he also added: «We are alarmed by…

What Does the Talk about the Adana Agreement Mean? stars

During the last week, intensive Russian, Turkish and Syrian statements emerged on the Adana agreement which was signed between Syria and Turkey in 1998 concerning the way of dealing with the PKK. The statements of the three parties expressed their…

No Safety Before US Exit!

The term "safe zone" has returned to circulate again after it disappeared for consecutive years, through various statements by Trump, Erdogan and others, and this time it is about northeastern Syria, or parts of it.

Restore Sovereignty of the Syrian People

The overwhelming majority of Syrians suffer from severe economic and living conditions in which the crisis continues unabated, from electricity to gas and fuel oil to exchange rate disruptions, the rapid deterioration of public services and transport crises, as well…

Northeast and the Only Scenario!

The few weeks following the US declaration of withdrawal from Syria proved the truth of what we went to and summarized in two key points:

Return of Syria!

The turning that are being made by a group of Arab countries, in its deep essence, reflects a number of key facts, which can be summed up as follows:

Decline – Division – Withdrawal!

Trump's announcement of the withdrawal of US troops from Syria a few days ago, continues to be the main event, not only on the Syrian level, but also throughout the region, if not throughout the world.

«Make the Change Real»

French protests have entered their fifth week in a row, and despite the large media fraud of the real numbers of protesters, their numbers are still in the range of tens of thousands, and despite the partial concessions made by…

«A Spectre is Haunting Europe»

French protests and demonstrations – which continue for the fourth week in a row, and reached a new peak on Saturday (December 9th), extending to nearly 400 cities and involving more than 127,000 (according to confessions of the French Ministry…