«A Spectre is Haunting Europe»

French protests and demonstrations – which continue for the fourth week in a row, and reached a new peak on Saturday (December 9th), extending to nearly 400 cities and involving more than 127,000 (according to confessions of the French Ministry…

All Roads Lead to 2254

There is an idea being promoted within the United Nations and within Western circles that if de Mistura does not succeed in forming the Constitutional Committee before the end of the year, it would be possible for the United Nations…

Countdown to the Return of Golan has Begun

Last Saturday, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution reaffirming the Syrian identity of the occupied Golan, out of nine resolutions, all of them condemning the Zionist entity.

Constitutional Committee and National Sovereignty

«a Syrian-led and Syrian-owned political transition»; «and stresses that the Syrian people will decide the future of Syria»; «a Syrian-led political process that is facilitated by the United Nations».

Syrians Must Take the Lead!

The extremists live in a state of reassurance about the internationalization of the Syrian issue. They know, as everyone knows, that the international clash is not only about Syria – though Syria has become at the top of its agenda…

2254: The only Mandatory Road!

With de Mistura's submission of his resignation, the anti-UNSCR 2254 proposals have returned to the fore, by both the opposition-linked extremists, and the regime-linked extremists.

Procrastination: the Maximal US Ambition

The Sochi Agreement on the demilitarized zone in Idlib proceeds within its time limits, and the Russians reiterate that the situation is temporary and that the end of terrorism in Idlib will be completed. The Americans – after the deployment…

Americans have a «Dollar Ache»

Skirmishes in the South China Sea; Accusing China of interfering in the US elections and stealing US technology; a new tariffs and sanctions campaign; NATO accusing Russia of pirate attacks, even talking about «beating Russia»… A new week elapsed full…