Statement by Official Spokesman of People's Will Party on the Zionist Aggression

Statement by Official Spokesman of People's Will Party on the Zionist Aggression

The new Zionist aggression and bombing of Syrian military sites is an extension of the campaign of escalation initiated by the war forces in the US administration, whether directly through the US warplanes bombing of Syrian military sites in Deir al-Zour and the propaganda campaign about chemical weapons, or through the Turkish aggression on Afrin and other areas in the northern regions of Syria, or through the field escalation carried out by the terrorist "Al-Nusra Front".


All of which constitute a single series, in attempts to exploit the emerging situation during the years of the crisis to establish international influence in Syria, and to prevent the political solution that the Allies could impose as a regional and international option through a major military and diplomatic effort, which gained a new momentum after the Intra-Syrian Dialogue Conference [in Sochi, Russia]. The common denominator in this series of extensive hostile escalation is the intervention of the "original" forces involved in the crisis, after the failure of their "proxy" agents.

People's Will Party salutes our Syrian Air Defense Forces for their deterrence of the Zionist warplanes at the dawn of today, dropping one of them and injuring others. People's Will Party reiterates that the comprehensive response to the US-Zionist aggression passes through accelerating the political solution between the Syrians on the basis of the UN resolution 2254, as it is the way to restore national sovereignty over the entire Syrian territory, and Syrian national unity, and to mobilize the people to face the aggression, up to reach the option of the comprehensive resistance, as the most effective weapon in the face of all projects which aim to disrupt the unity and sovereignty of Syria. PWP also reiterates that these goals to be achieved through the process of radical and comprehensive national democratic change.

10 \ 2 \ 2018