Statement by Moscow platform on the recent escalation

Statement by Moscow platform on the recent escalation

In the past two days there has been a field escalation, mainly in Idlib and Afrin, and to a lesser extent in other parts of the country. But it is noticed that the magnitude of the media escalation is much greater than the actual escalation on the ground, in parallel to the preperation and helding of the UN Security Council meeting yesterday, the 5th of February 2018. In this regard, we records the following notes:

• Media campaigns attacking Russia are based entirely on unreliable media materials, especially by parties that have a reccurent history in fabricating news and "facts".
• These media campaigns were launched by Western-Gulf platforms, with participation of some Syrian circles (including the "Media Office of the Syrian Negotiation Commission" which exceeded its powers by issuing a statement regarding Idlib and Ghouta yesterday, out of consensus and wihout voting on it, so we are not involved in that statement, and we call to hold accountable those responsible for exceeding their powers, because an issue of such importance and size needs a political decision of the commission and not the decision of its media office, which monopolized the commission's opinion, and kidnapped its role, before any discussion).
• These campaigns ignored Turkey's failure to comply with the Astana agreements for the Idlib region, and its continued failure to implement its commitments against Al-Nusra Front.
• Campaigns have completely ignored any reference to Al-Nusra Front as the primary target of Russian raids.
• While "media wailing" on Idlib has risen, there has been no serious condemnation of the continued Turkish aggression on Afrin and other Syrian areas.
• In addition, attempts were made to revive the issue of the Syrian chemical weapons, in total identification with the US propaganda.
We, in the Moscow platform, with our demanding that all civilians be neutralized in the ongoing conflict, are also emphasizing that these media campaigns are primarily aimed at trying to minimize the beneficial outcomes of the Sochi Conference. Washington is at the center of these campaigns, which seek to further disrupt the Geneva process to achieve its basic goal: keeping war and attrition going on, for ultimately extinguishing Syria's role and position, in order to turn it into a source of chaos, through which Washington put prussures on its international rivals, led by Russia and China.
Finally, we confirm that these desperate attempts will not work. The political solution will go against those who do not want it, and in this behavior they do nothing but weaken themselves in the next process.
Moscow platform of the Syrian opposition