All Roads Lead to 2254

All Roads Lead to 2254

There is an idea being promoted within the United Nations and within Western circles that if de Mistura does not succeed in forming the Constitutional Committee before the end of the year, it would be possible for the United Nations to abandon the Syrian file, declaring itself incapable of resolving it.


The simplest interpretation of this threat is that the Western group within the Security Council, together with some of its regional allies, is trying to increase pressure on Russia and the Syrians to a new level to force them to accept a Constitutional Committee designed to fail; similar to the design made in Geneva-2, and in every other subsequent episode of Geneva, where the extremists constituting the formal majority controlling the course of things, regardless of the fact that, if we bring them together in the opposition and the regime, they represent only a fraction of the Syrians, especially those who benefit from the continuation of the war.
Since the Western countries know that they can not impose what they want through the United Nations, and through the Security Council, they are escalating their challenge to this extent, betting on the official UN withdrawal from the Syrian file would mean blowing up UNSC resolution 2254, and the returning to point zero, which would reopen prospects for the continuation of the war and the continuation of the disaster for many years.

What is missing from the accounts of the Western Group are the following three basic points:

First, any UN Security Council resolution is the property of all Member States of the United Nations, not only of part of them, and therefore the right to apply it in accordance with international law is a universal right for all those who can do so.

Secondly, along with the UN-sponsored Geneva track, there are two internationally recognized tracks: the Astana and Sochi tracks, which are also concerned with the implementation of resolution 2254. If the United Nations, under pressure from the Western Group, renounces its function in implementing this resolution, the two alternative tracks will become the main track.

Thirdly, the states that have the act, the weight and the real influence within the Syrian situation are primarily the Troika of Astana-Sochi, and it will not take too much time before the United States be forced to withdraw completely from Syria, despite all the signs and actions through which USA wants to say that it is "Lasting and Expanding". As the US-made Daesh has been terminated in principle, the US very existence in Syria is something that will not be allowed to persist for long ...

The acceleration of the formation of the Constitutional Committee is an absolute necessity in the Syrian situation, where the time is passing through the Syrian blood count. Therefore, the [Constitutional] Committee will be formed with or without the Geneva process, because the other important criterion besides time is quality and efficiency. The Western group will not be allowed, under the pretext of time, to violate the sovereignty of the Syrians and impose their conceptions on the Constitutional Committee in terms of its composition or content or mechanisms of operation, in a way guaranteeing its failure and leading to wasting of more time and Syrian blood...

UNSC Resolution 2254 is first and foremost the property of the Syrian people, and its implementation is the path of their salvation, and will soon find the appropriate way to be implemented it in cooperation with the influential and interested countries in ending the Syrian crisis. Therefore, all roads lead to 2254.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No 889, November 26, 2018