Countdown to the Return of Golan has Begun

Countdown to the Return of Golan has Begun

Last Saturday, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution reaffirming the Syrian identity of the occupied Golan, out of nine resolutions, all of them condemning the Zionist entity.


It is known that the decisions of the General Assembly of the United Nations are non-binding. It is not something new for the General Assembly to adopt an almost unanimous condemnation of the Zionist entity every year, regarding the occupation of the Golan Heights, but this time the United States changed its behavior, which it used to be committed to for many years (abstinence from voting), and decided to vote for rejecting the resolution, and stood alone with «Israel», while 14 countries have abstained from voting, and 151 countries voted in favor of the resolution... How can this change be explained, especially since the resolution is not binding as it is issued by the General Assembly not Security Council?

The list of crises the United States is going through, from its dollar crisis; its relations with its adversaries; and its relations with its allies… is a very long list that it can no longer be collected and refuted in one review. But the concrete plan made by USA to get out of those crises, is always a worthwhile issue for consideration, and the password here is the notoriously exposed «creative chaos».

Within this chaos, the following main features can be underscored:

Preventing the solution of the Syrian crisis by clashing all the involved parties with each other, and through a series of simultaneous steps (preventing the end of Al-Nusra Front in Idlib under the pretext of maintaining the cease-fire; an attempt to sabotage the Russian-Turkish relationship; an attempt to hit the Kurds represented in Self-Management with the Kurds who are not represented in it, and attempts to clash all Kurds with the rest of the Syrians by inculcating illusions in the heads of some; alluding to a possibility of some deal with the Syrian government to remove Iran in return for reconstruction facilitation; preventing the formation of the Constitutional Committee, or the formation of it in a similar format to Geneva under the control of those who do not want the solution but rather want to undermine UNSCR 2254; Reviving and expanding of Daesh as much as possible; attempt to create additional tensions in several major Arab countries, and on top of the list Saudi Arabia and Egypt, using all means, including Daesh, and putting the maximum pressure to accelerate the formation of "Arab NATO" and making its mission the defense of the Zionist entity.

The latest Golan's vote in UNGA, in this context, reflects two things that are of great importance:

First, the United States has not been a source of reassurance and confidence for anyone, including its allies, but a few years ago it began to work in a semi-open way to convey its crisis towards them, including the bombing and, if possible, the fragmentation of their countries. Many governments, whatever reactionary might they be, have reached a point where there is no way to self-defense except rebelling against the United States, which will not be far from the day when it relies on the votes of "microscopic" states such as those abstained from voting in the Golan's UNGA resolution.

Second, because the allies are rebelling against it, the United States has no choice but to focus on its main two "Daeshs": Daesh and the Zionist entity, and the latter one is suffering from chronic weakness, which is further exacerbated after its recent defeat in Gaza – such allies are the only trusted allies of Washington in today's world.

The vote of the ramshackle Washington against the Syrian identity of the Golan, only means that the occupied Golan is not only Syria, but that the countdown to its return to the motherland has begun!

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No 888, November 19, 2018