The Constitutional Committee... Post-de-Mistura and Post-Idlib

The Constitutional Committee... Post-de-Mistura and Post-Idlib

The decision taken in the National Dialogue Conference in Sochi to form the Constitutional Committee, was a gap in the wall of the political solution, which the West had to recognize and deal with, devoting efforts to eviscerate the initiative in order to close this gap and return to point zero, seeking to extend the war indefinitely.

The West has attempted two scenarios to achieve this: The first one, is aborting the formation of the Committee under various pretexts, in order to reach a situation in which the Western staff of the United Nations, headed by de Mistura, says that Sochi and its results have not reached anything, so we have to block the paths of Astana and Sochi and return to the Geneva rounds, in the same structure and form that will only provide an illusion that something is going on towards a political solution, but without any positive results at all. The second scenario is to garble and distort the composition of the Commission in a way that turns it into a second copy of the Geneva composition that performs the same function: perpetuating the war...

In other words, both scenarios (disrupting and preventing the formation of the Commission, or creating a malformed and clinically dead Commission) are aimed at ending the actual paths of solution, and creating other illusory paths with dead end, or reviving useless paths.

On the other hand, working to deepen the gap created by Sochi, and turn it into a broad door for political solution in Syria, will be done only through the formation of the Commission with the will of the Syrians away from the mentality of guardianship, mandate and colonialism that dominate the heads of the Small Group, and the head of de Mistura who works for the interests of this group, and he insists on meddling in the process of forming the committee, based on the lie that the third third is «de Mistura's third»! which contradicts the UNSC resolution 2254 and the Sochi Statement.

Therefore, it is clear that the formation of the Committee will not take place in the era of de Mistura, nor will it be resolved before the end of Idlib crisis by ending Al-Nusra Front whose survival has become a vital issue for the Americans in order to preserve the residuals of the futile hope of using it to create a rift between Turkey and Russia.

On the other hand, solving the problem of Idlib, which will take place in the near future, will be an important step towards restoring the sovereignty of the Syrians over all of their lands, a monocentric sovereignty with the peripheries having additional powers to ensure fair distribution of development and real and close control of the people over the state institutions.

The logic of the solution, and the success of the Constitutional Committee in its work, requires a deep blow to the weight of the West and its ability to escalate, by eliminating Al-Nusra Front. It also requires an important blow to the weight of the West in the political process by adapting the United Nations to the new international weights. That is, the UN should either adapt itself, or leave its intermediary role in the implementation of the resolution 2254... considering all of this, a qualitatively successful committee is destined to be formed in post-Idlib and post-de-Mistura period, not before!

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No 890, December 3, 2018

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