The Solution... and the Departure of all Forces

The Solution... and the Departure of all Forces

The Syrian homeland has become an open battlefield for the armies of many countries and different armed forces with different goals, objectives and roles. With the decline of the fascist forces and the approaching political solution, the fate of these forces has become part of the media discourse of the various forces, and there is no doubt that the departure of all foreign forces without exception, later, is considered in principle a legitimate national demand, on the grounds that such a presence is a violation of national sovereignty, regardless of its primacy, the justification of it, its legitimacy or its conformity or non-conformity with international law…

But how to speed up this major national task?

As it is well-known, the foreign presence has flown – either it was hostile or friendly, legitimate or illegitimate – into the country, under the title of fighting against terrorism, which infiltrated and increased its role in the circumstances of the crisis. Thus, the way out of all forms of foreign military presence, and the complete restoration of national sovereignty on the Syrian land, is through the ending of war between the Syrians, and starting the political solution, on the basis of Security Council resolution 2254, especially that this resolution provides, inter alia, to maintain the unity and independence of Syria. Therefore, the seriousness of the call for the exit of these forces, is reflected through the position toward the accelerating of consensual political solution. Each delay in this solution will lead to further growing of foreign influence – both open and overt – in the country.

Speeding up this solution, however, will create the right atmosphere for putting this rightful national demand on the agenda, and accomplishing it with utmost speed, especially stopping the intervention of the Western powers and their regional allies, who are historically hostile to the Syrian people. In the same context, the speeding up of the political solution will unite the Syrians against the terrorist “Takfirs” coming from abroad, who should be treated as invaders, and be fought up, and turning the crisis into a battle for national liberation in case that any foreign forces refused to leave the Syrian territory.

Generally speaking, the criterion that determines the position toward any foreign power on Syrian soil, in regard to gaining or losing the respect and appreciation by the Syrians – all Syrians – is a criterion based on the position of the side, in question, toward the political solution in accordance with resolution 2254 and enabling the Syrian people of self-determination and regain their sovereignty.

The desired political solution would open the way for Syrian national forces, not only to emerge from the crisis and end the humanitarian catastrophe, but also to open the door to the achievement of the national, socio-economic and democratic tasks imposed by the objective reality on Syria. And this is to be done through the democratic radical and comprehensive national change, and through deterring all of the old and new hostile ambitions, despite all the pain and wounds left by the crisis.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No 832, October 14, 2017.