De Mistura speaks in clear Arabic

De Mistura speaks in clear Arabic

No preconditions, no postponement. these are the highlights of the briefing given by UN Envoy Staffan de Mistura to the UN Security Council on the upcoming round of the Geneva talks on the Syrian crisis, which should summarize his conclusions and his regional and international contacts and reflects the level of consensus reached by the two main players regarding the political solution in Syria.

The high tone of the briefing of the Special Envoy, which rises to the level of a warning, carries clear messages, and with a clear Arabic, to those forces that still think it is possible to play in the lost time and insisting on the preconditions, that have been and still are a tool to obstruct negotiations. The actual translation of the term “no delay” means: that the international community has committed itself to push the process forward, meaning: that the negotiations will be held with those who attend, and that the political solution has become a reality.
The briefing came to eliminate all the preconditions, and those who hold them and adopt them, which serve the interests of hardliners, here and there, and eliminate the alternative tracks, that some –who are expelled from the political solution- are trying to suggest to restore its role. At the same time to eliminate the options of the fascist forces in some the US administration corners, which impede the war on terrorism, as one of the necessities of a political solution, and one of its complementarities.

The new statements made by some coalition members, regarding the formation of a single delegation and the attempt to limit the process by only including representatives of the Moscow and Cairo platforms to the delegation of the High Negotiating Commission (HNC), is a new attempt to try an old miserable effort to circumvent the upcoming round of the Geneva talks, and maintain the dominance of the coalition against the Syrian opposition, not only for the hegemony, but to fail the round.

The formation of a single Syrian opposition delegation can only be achieved by taking into account the multiplicity of political programs of the opposition platforms, and not by joining one platform to another. What should be done is to form a single opposition delegation from the three platforms and the most important spectrum of the opposition out of it, on an equal basis and in accordance with the UN Security Council resolution 2254 without any preconditions.
These attempts by coalition hardliners to circumvent the momentum of the political process are a new affirmation of the need to expel the obstructing forces out of the political arena, especially after setting the date of the eighth round. These powers, in terms of evolution, structure, composition and behavior, have proved incapable of adapting to new political realities, and have proven that they do not care about the tragedy of the Syrian people, and the catastrophe that has afflicted it. The international community has no choice but to say its word again, with regard to accelerating the process of forming a single delegation, implementing the content of the briefing given by the UN Envoy to the Security Council, and forming a balanced delegation as stipulated by UN resolutions to complete the necessary measures required, to conduct direct negotiations between the regime and the opposition.