For every obstruction... initiative

For every obstruction... initiative

The Syrian crisis was synchronous with the stage of formation of the new international balance of power, wherein an old world collapses, in its structure, its tools, and the nature of relations between its countries, at the same time when a new world is being born, though its final features are not yet clearly uncovered.


Hence, the Syrian arena has become one of the frontlines of confrontation between the Western monopoly of the international decision, from one side, and the countries that are seeking balanced relations that take into account the interests of other countries and peoples, from the other side.

It is no longer a matter of controversy, that the ascending international party has developed its strategy for the Syrian crisis on the basis that the political solution is the only solution, and devoted for this solution the major bulk of its political, diplomatic and military activity, so that the solution has been registered under his name, and legitimated by an international resolution, despite all attempts of confusion by the entire forces of the old world, with their local and regional instruments ...

The most important conclusion to be drawn in the context of reading the Russian role is its ability to make creative solutions and multiple initiatives after determining the constants: from fixing the option of the political solution as a single option, up to securing its executive mechanisms (from Geneva 1 through the Vienna Meeting to Security Council resolution 2254), passing through parallel tracks that were created to support Geneva, after Moscow's Tripartite Declaration of the Russian-Iranian-Turkish Troika, and the signing of the Astana agreements regarding De-escalation Zones, in coordination with the effective regional powers, working either on neutralizing them, or enticing them to engage in the solution, and pushing them to play new roles in favor of this solution. The Russians also keep interaction with all the Syrian opposition forces, including those who reject the Russian role, up to the idea of a «congress of the Syrian people».

The multiplicity of initiatives, paths and tactics, and the interaction with all the forces that have a role in the Syrian crisis, regardless of their alignment, with the constant emphasis on the idea that the only reference to the solution, is resolution 2254, put the Russian sponsor in an advanced position, that helps him to overcome all obstacles that obstruct the political solution, considering the political solution an irreversible option, to the extent that this solution has become beyond the Maximum Effective Range of the American obstruction. This is evidenced by the state of hesitation, confusion and evasion characterizing the American behavior, and by the contradictions between the pillars of the US administration, and the disintegration of its regional alliance, and disintegration of its local tools, and recession of their weight and role. This runs in parallel to a progressive increasing in the weight of the political solution, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

It is perfectly true that the Russian Federation is fighting its own battle in Syria. It is also true that the Syrian crisis has turned into a bone-breaking battle between the rising powers and the declining powers, wherein the latter are using their remaining tools in the transitional phase of the current new global turn, in order to continue their hegemony over the international decision. But objectively, at the same time, the battle is the battle of the Syrians to save their country from disassembly, and to prevent the collapse of the Syrian state. It is the battle for a political solution that will stop the humanitarian catastrophe, eradicate terrorism and lead to the process of structural and deep radical comprehensive democratic national change.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No 833, October 21, 2017.