Offside player… Red Card!

Offside player… Red Card!

Since the Russians directly entered into the Syrian crisis as a party who insisted on letting the Syrian people self-determine their fate through a consensual political solution, the European Central Powers began feeling afraid to return empty-handed “after the party is over”.

As the Political solution progresses, the latter ones’ fear has amounted up to a state of anxiety, and this explains the new "French initiative" on Syria, which is considered one of the attempts to sneak into the Syrian field from the gate of the political solution. This is evidenced by the fact that this French attempt is coming in the context of the decline that characterized the positions of
most western and regional countries, especially that the French position toward the Syrian crisis was one of the most extreme international positions in this regard.
The outlines of the political solution of the Syrian crisis has been drawn in its final form, under a new international equilibrium, and across the Geneva process as the main track of it, supported by other tracks, such as: Vienna decisions, and Astana outputs related to the field situation, which played a preparatory role to push the political process forward. What are basic and fundamental in the process of political solution are: the successive Geneva decisions, the resolution 2254 In particular, and the negotiations being conducted on its basis. Therefore, any other initiative will be meaningless if it is not supportive of the implementation of this resolution, and any new jurisprudences in this context is worthless if they did not serve the completion of this track, which has won international, regional and Syrian consensus. And the completion of this track should continue from the point it has reached. Moreover, any new emerging initiative can even become “mines” used for a new obstruction and delay.
This French attempt comes as an extension of both of the old- and neo-colonial western culture, as part of the desperate attempts to perpetuate itself as the center for accumulation
of the global wealth, through suction and exploitation of the world's wealth.
Under the current condition, characterized by establishing the political solution as the only solution to the Syrian crisis, and after the ascending international powers were able to impose it on the declining forces, and after the frequent talks about the reconstruction process, and its planning, after all of that, the western pragmatism tries to keep for itself a footstep in the process, in a desperate attempt to maintain the traditional mechanisms and tools of plunder.
The reconstruction, which is due in Syria, will not be but a national Syrian reconstruction process. And as the western colonial project failed in controlling the course of the Syrian crisis, through direct and indirect interventions, it must also fail to harvest the fruits of a political solution of the Syrian crisis. The colonial West must forget about solving his crises at the expense of the peoples of the world, under the new international balance, which daily presents new indications that profound changes are really occurring in the structure of the former international relations.
Syria, which was a model example for the national liberation of Ottoman occupation, and European occupation, may also become, through the political solution of its crisis, a model of turning off tension spots, and it has all the abilities to become a new model, in setting free from the Western dependency, which they want it to be continued through the reconstruction process, and through the continuation of sharing in the plunder of the wealth of Syrians, between international and local looters.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No 829, September 24, 2017.