Jeffrey Reaffirms his Support for Al-Nusra
Saad Saeb Saad Saeb

Jeffrey Reaffirms his Support for Al-Nusra

The US envoy to the Syrian crisis, James Jeffrey, issued this evening a statement that was published on the U.S. embassy in Syria website, in which he expressed rejection of what he called “the farcical Russian statements alleging” that the moves that obstructed the Russian-Turkish patrols from completing their course on the M4 highway were moves instigated by terrorist organizations.

What is amusing about Jeffrey’s statements – which have become a mockery not only in the media, but also among Western diplomats themselves, after statements he has made about Al-Nusra and the possibility of lifting off them the terrorist classification – is that these statements, which are charged with sentiments of “sympathy” with the Syrian people, come at the very same time in which the US government is revealing its full “humanitarian” side in the way it is dealing with its own people in the Novel Coronavirus crisis.

It would not go unnoticed by someone insightful, that the attempts of preventing the joint patrols from traversing the M4 highway serve the interest of Al-Nusra itself, and the interest of those who are rejecting the political solution from all sides. In light of this goal, the US objective with regards to Idlib, and Syria as a whole, become clearer; what is required is precisely: keeping everything as is, thus a continuation and deepening of the crisis.

Last modified on Tuesday, 17 March 2020 01:05