Why did the Preparatory Committee's consultations for the Riyadh meetings falter?

Why did the Preparatory Committee's consultations for the Riyadh meetings falter?

Kassioun website has known from a source participating in the Riyadh meetings that the platform's decision not to participate in the meetings came after the failure to reach an agreement in the consultations held within the preparatory committee.

In this context, the source pointed out that what happened in the meetings of the Preparatory Committee is that Hadi Al-Bahra – the member of the political body of the «coalition» who had suggested to the Head of the Moscow Platform, Dr. Kadri Jamil, in an earlier time, to include the points of agreement and disagreement between the two parties into the final statement – rejected the idea later, during the meetings of the Committee, considering that mentioning these points publicly would put things back to the first box and would have bad effects.

 That means – according to the source – that the coalition will not submit the agreement paper between Jamil and Al-Bahra, and will insist on keeping the paragraph concerning the departure of the Syrian president with the beginning of the transitional period. This means trying to impose the adoption of this paragraph on all the opposition parties, including the Moscow platform. Those who adhere to this paragraph have argued that "it is indispensable, because giving it up is unacceptable to the military factions and to their popular base."

 It is worth mentioning, that the Moscow platform refuses to talk about the "departure" or the "staying" of the Syrian president as a precondition, considering that this means violating the international resolution 2254, obstructing the negotiations, and giving a pretext to the regime's extremists to legally evade the application of 2254.

Last modified on Wednesday, 22 November 2017 19:01