Restore Sovereignty of the Syrian People

Restore Sovereignty of the Syrian People

The overwhelming majority of Syrians suffer from severe economic and living conditions in which the crisis continues unabated, from electricity to gas and fuel oil to exchange rate disruptions, the rapid deterioration of public services and transport crises, as well as the crisis of constant increases prices, including the prices of the basic necessities for survival.

If the year 2018 has undergone major transformations in the military sense; from the restoration of large areas of the country, opening of roads, including commercial crossings with neighboring countries, and partial restoration of operation of the wheel of production, however, this is not reflected in the living conditions of most Syrians, who had hopes that the improvement in military and political situation would improve their lives or at least stop deterioration. Rather, what happened has reconfirmed that the real solution is not but the comprehensive political solution.

The basis and root of the problem was, and still is, in the system of wealth distribution within Syria, the system that gave 75% of the annual GDP to about 20% of the Syrians, while 80% of the Syrians (who produce all the wealth) get 25% of the wealth. These numbers have become even worse during the crisis, not to mention the fact that corruption accounts for 30% of GDP annually, according to the figures of the first decade of the millennium, which became broader and deeper during the crisis.

The crisis has also made it clear that the change of a minister, a group of ministers, or even a prime minister or a whole government, has not solved any major problems. Rather, the behavior of successive governments goes from bad to worse, reaffirming that the crisis is much deeper: crisis of a political-economic-social system that works to serve an "economic elite" that crosses sects, nationalities and loyalties, and is becoming increasingly super-rich, while the Syrian people are growing poorer.

A real solution to the deep Syrian crisis will only be achieved through a comprehensive political solution that begins with the implementation of resolution 2254, through a new constitutional structure that will arm the Syrian people with the necessary legal and political tools to defend their rights in the face of all forms of exploiters.

The restoration of Syrian sovereignty in its deep sense is not an urgent demand that has arisen after 2011, but is even older. Restoring sovereignty does not only mean the return of Syrian territory to the authority of the Syrian state. It does not only mean the end of foreign interventions in Syrian affairs, but also the restoration of sovereignty by the Syrian people their land and resources, and set them free from captivity of the big corrupt and those who support those big corrupt and protect them within the state apparatus. If the new international balance and the role of the Syrian people's allies are pushing for an end to foreign interventions and for the restoration of state sovereignty over the territory, the full restoration of Syrian sovereignty over their own state in the deep sense of sovereignty, is the number one task in the next few years, and the implementation of the UNSCR 2254 is only the first step!

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No 896, January 14, 2019

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