Withdrawal Towards the Solution

Withdrawal Towards the Solution

Factors that help to end the US military presence in the country are increasing day after day, whether they be external factors or internal ones.


The increasing weight of the ascending international powers – politically, economically, and militarily – is the objective basis and condition for the withdrawal of the US occupation forces, but it is not a sufficient condition, although necessary. This imposes on the Syrian national forces to secure internal factors that complement the new international balance of force, in order to hasten this great national task.

If the large decline in the weight of armed action across large parts of the country; the diminishing influence of the forces of terrorism; the mass of truces and reconciliations that have taken place; and the ongoing steps towards the formation of the Constitutional Committee – if these factors constitute important prerequisites for securing internal factors, the completion of these factors, that is: accelerating accomplished solution based on UN resolutions is an absolute necessity that can not be postponed. Thus, the relation between the political solution and the exit of US forces is a relation of a direct proportion. Every step toward the solution accelerates the exit of US forces. Any delay in the political solution provides the appropriate conditions for the United States to delay its exit and provides it the possibility of playing on the many contradictions in the Syrian arena, which led to weakening and exhausting of the Syrian national structure.

The developments in the Syrian south and its return to the sovereignty of the Syrian state, are a step towards ending the American presence in Al-Tanf region, to put on the agenda the issue of the US military presence in the north-east of the country, which requires a rational and wise policy from all the forces in the country, taking into account all the contradictions and specifics of the situation there, in a way that leads to accelerating the termination of this abnormal situation embodied by the existence of US military bases.

There is no doubt that the situation in the north-east of the country is part of the Syrian national crisis. Hence, the search for any solution outside the context of the general solution to the crisis will not succeed. Therefore, the need to seek to represent the "Self-Management" movement, in its military and political structures, in the Constitutional Committee to be formed, along with all other structures and frames of the political process, is considered the most effective solution, that will put everyone in front of their national responsibility, and lead to the unification of the Syrians in general against the US presence which is not justifiable in any way.

The many stages and successive steps and progress toward the solution, guided by the new international balance of forces – from the city of Aleppo to the Ghouta of Damascus, and Syrian south, through all the sporadic facts that have got us feel closer to – or partially farther from – the solution, can not become a substitute for a comprehensive political solution. They should, rather, be considered necessary steps to be framed in favour of the political solution in all its basic terms contained in the international resolution 2254, which come at the top of its provisions the preservation of the unity, independence, and sovereignty of Syria, which means not only the exit of US forces, but also the exit of all foreign forces.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No 873, August 06, 2018