"Understanding" Between Major Powers!

"Understanding" Between Major Powers!

The events in the Syrian arena are accelerating towards further détente. From the remarkable development in the southern front, with the participation of some armed groups in the settlements held there, to the signals from the north-east about the readiness of the Kurdish "People's Protection Units" to engage in negotiations; and the frequent doubts about the US role, and the (albeit partial) changes in the US presence in the north; and the gradual return of internally displaced people from many areas of the country to their original areas of residence, and the relative détente in the security situation in some areas of the country; and the diplomatic mobility that took place for the formation of the Constitutional Reform Committee, with the readiness of wide forces of the opposition to submit the names of their representatives to the Committee, despite the reluctance of the Riyadh extremists.

All these events as a whole are important signs that the Syrian file is in circulation, despite the case of chronic slowdown and contrived obstacles that appear in the particulars, details, and appointments.

The announcement of the planned meeting between the US and Russian presidents on the range of international files, including the Syrian file, came as an qualitative addition in this context, especially that the meeting was at the request of the US side, which, until recently, had nothing in its package except threats, demonization of the Russian side, and accusing it of straining the international situation.

The "understanding" between the major powers in light of the new international balance of forces, carries many implications, the most important of which is: the withdrawal of one side to the benefit of the other.

One aspect of the crisis in Syria is that it largely reflects – not in a direct or mechanical way – the changes taking place at the international level. The apparent US decline in the Korean file; the EU position on the issue of the Iranian nuclear file with the accompanying clear and frank stance toward Russia and China, have made the United States in a position that is never enviable.

US economic war, described as the biggest economic war in history, has become an irony of economists all over the world, for its destructive effects on the US economy, that would worsen the US economic situation rather than saving it (because solutions are not made by going backward in history).

USA policy today can be likened to a sound bomb that can do nothing but cover the pullout despite its loud noise.

Returning back to the Syrian reality, which is the beneficiary of this historical decline of the United States of America in the form of simultaneous signs of local détente – We are aware that this détente is not easy, and that it will not be easy, given the presence of many parties in the Syrian arena who do not want this détente, and don not want to recognize the loss of their American partner and supporter. Those parties are still firing (small) sound bombs in a kind of simulation of the big game, with or without realizing the role of this kind of weapon in covering the US withdrawal. The noise of these bombs continues to disturb (though only a little) the horizon of détente, which has become a matter of fact that no one could ignore.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No 869, July 09, 2018