USA Succumbs to the Fait Accompli

USA Succumbs to the Fait Accompli

The US and Russian presidents will meet in the Finnish capital on July 16, where the choice of time and place has several implications:

The meeting will follow Trump's meeting with the members of NATO, which will lose its role if the US-led campaigns of "demonization of Russia" came to an end. The meeting will be held in the same city which witnessed the first meeting between Brezhnev and US President Ford in 1975, which was considered the first sign of putting down the Cold War. But between that time and 2018 a lot of things have changed – while the end of the cold war was the beginning of the rise of the world of USA as the lone world's pole, the next summit has opposite implications on international relations.

The meeting between the US and Russian presidents is an indication of reaching consensus on many inflamed issues around the world:

From Korea to Syria, and Ukraine – International crises in which the United States has took a gradual military course but seems to have been put on the path of solution to varying degrees, up to the point of the irreversible end of possibilities of military escalation today, with starting of the paths of political solution to these crises. This will be tantamount to announcing the end of the stage of the use of military hegemony to impose the "lone-pole";

Up to the most intractable issues in which the United States uses its economic, commercial and financial influence, such as the Iranian nuclear file, US economic sanctions, and the tariff campaign, which in turn constitutes indirect international economic sanctions. These tools have become the main weapon in the US-led global economic battle. The use of these weapons, however, is at the same time a "preparation to negotiate", under a global economic crisis that threatens the West in the first place.

The United States is undergoing division because it can not easily accept the loss of its hegemony, and it will continue to take out its own tools to impede the objective course of change, but practically approaching the submission to the international balance that imposed the inability of USA to play its former role. This is reflected in raising the slogan «America First», and in the deterioration of US relations with its allies, and its inability to rescue them. It is also manifested in its indifference to the fate of NATO funding and its call to discuss the global arms race, because the United States can no longer put financial funds in arms, as long as these arms can not protect its global economic and financial hegemony.

The meeting between the two presidents will be, in its form, a declaration of a range of consensus, and a negotiating course to calm the high tension between the two countries. However, in its content it will represent a step towards the US declaration of acceptance of the de facto balance, where the United States returns to its natural position: as one of the many global powers that contribute to the shaping of international relations.

The map of world powers has changed and is still changing. This has a wide political impact on the course of international crises, and the most important of these impacts is the serious opportunity for the peoples of the world to benefit from the decline of the former US destructive role, an opportunity which must be read by all the Syrians who are the real stakeholders to lift their country out of the crisis.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No 868, July 02, 2018