The Threat of Aggression and Inevitable Result

The Threat of Aggression and Inevitable Result

The war forces in the US administration are again threatening to resort to the military option and direct intervention in Syria, in parallel with a wide propaganda campaign alternated by Western and Arab media, to convince public opinion of the legitimacy of this option, under the pretext of protecting civilians.

As is well known, this is not the first time that such forces have resorted to such a threat during the years of crisis. The last-minute retreat was the common denominator of all these attempts, or there were only partial strikes as a show-off behavior, to cover its inability to do any serious action in this direction.

We have repeatedly emphasized that US imperialism is no longer in a position to wage a major war, neither in terms of its eroded resources nor in terms of its continuing decline in various fields, due to the financial and economic crisis that has entered its political phase, which is now manifested in the clear division within the US administration, the unprecedented mass resignations and dismissals, and the contradictory attitudes among the pillars of this administration toward many international files, to the point of not being able to resolve their options, and settle the disputes that are aggravated between the United States and its allies, in addition to the rise of the Russian-Chinese duo, which constitutes an integrated military-economic duo, which strengthening its role day after day at the international level and in all issues and files.

The Russian President annual Address to the Federal Assembly, a few days ago, and the talk about modern Russian military technology, constituted a clear message that the completion of the elements and tools of a multipolar world, in economic, political, military, and cultural fields, is irreversible, and that the era of the American monopoly of the international resolution came to an end and will never return again. Russia's clear and explicit pro-active response to the American threats against our country - which raises to the level of a warning - came as a tangible confirmation of the seriousness of this trend. Therefore, any aggression outside international legitimacy and international law will not be tolerated.

The assertion of the American decline does not in any way negate the possibility of resorting to military adventures by the war forces in the US administration. The crisis-burdened capitalism is ready to commit all kinds of folly, especially when it loses other tools to sustain its hegemony. Anyway, whether or not it carried out its aggression against our country, the net outcome would be nothing other than more decline, and on the other hand more consolidation of the positions of the ascending international powers, and of their choices. If US aggressions has achieved, here and there, some breakthroughs, taking advantage of the complexities of the international situation, and of the fragility of some of the targeted structures, and the simultaneous explosion of all contradictions, then the strategic response in such circumstances of our country calls for accelerating the political solution on the basis of UNSC resolution 2254, which means completing the fight against terrorism, stopping the humanitarian catastrophe, and radical and comprehensive national democratic change, in a way that restores national unity and restores the option of comprehensive resistance in a world that is undergoing a period of transition and severe conflict between an Old which is dying, and a New which is getting born despite the pains of labor.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No 854, Mar. 19, 2018