Despite Escalation...The Solution is Coming!

Despite Escalation...The Solution is Coming!

There are different analyses, about the recent military escalation, in and around Syria, and about its consequences. This makes the general impression, that things are decided by military weapons, prevail again.

The reaffirmation of the inevitability of a political solution and the confidence in the victory of this option, despite the gloom of the scene, is not related to the desire or behavior of one party or the other, but it is an objective necessity in the first place, derived from, and based upon, the new international balance of forces and primarily the Russian role, which has been, and still, pivotal to the solution since the beginning of the crisis, and despite all complexities and obstacles this role could step wide and concrete strides forward, in a direction that deeply meets with the interests of the Syrian people who are eager to get out of this cyclone of the crisis.

At a time when the sound of arms is rising, and amid the turmoil of this crisis, the efforts of the United Nations continue to form the Constitutional Reform Commission, as a step to resume direct negotiations. That is, the time that could have hindered the political process through field escalation of the situation on the ground had already come to an end. Under this complicated situation, all international powers stress the importance of the political solution. Therefore, and because of the condition of the new international balance and its effects, neither the field situation nor the stance of one party or another, can determine the direction of the process, nor is it considered a sufficient criterion for judging the political process or its ability to advance and make new breakthroughs.

The high noise of arms, and the accompanying US insinuations and attempts to establish the status quo on the ground as a basis for partition, or at least to sustain the conflict, once again confirm to the Syrians the importance of a political solution as the only option to resolve the crisis. This also stresses again the viewpoint that has been saying, since the beginning of the crisis, that it is impossible for any party to win this war by military means, especially since its continuation constitutes a threat to the unity of the Syrian state. This also stresses the need to expedite the solution, in order to avoid further loss of lives and properties. This escalation is no more than a habitual reluctance by forces, in the various parties, that do not want to reach a solution, and which have not previously succeeded in their aims, except only temporarily. Furthermore, it can be concluded, based on the same experience, that the high level of escalation, reflects the fear of the forces of war from the current approaching of the solution more than any time ever, and reflects the issue of placing files on the table, including the exit of US troops from Syria.

Paralyzing of the forces of terrorism, including "Daesh" (aka. ISIL) and "Al Nusra Front", in addition to the great accumulation that has occurred in the course of the political solution, the increasing effectiveness of the rising international powers, the increasing weight of the national-democratic opposition forces, and the continuous progress in their choices, and the rising voices of Syrians, both loyalists and opposition, throughout many areas of the country, calling for a solution, all these factors constitute the beginning of a turning point in the direction and speed towards the hoped-for solution.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No. 853, Mar. 12, 2018