The Last Attempts of Obstruction

The Last Attempts of Obstruction

The forces of obstruction have spared no effort, since the Geneva 1 Communiqué up to the present date, to prevent the political solution. With every step of progress in the political process, and whenever the circumstances became suitable for turning this process into concrete procedures, these forces used to resort to escalation in many forms: military, diplomatic, political and media, to abort the progress.

Through this vision, one can explain the recent escalation which has happened in the many locations and fronts where the forces of obstruction have been able to reach. This amounted to a degree that the Zionist entity found itself obliged to intervene in the crisis in a direct way, and at a high unprecedented level, as a part of the attempts reacting against the progress that has been achieved on the path of the political solution, especially after the success of Sochi [Intra-Syrian National Conference], the possibility of direct negotiations between the regime and the opposition on the basis of UN resolution 2254, and the recent military escalation which is essentially an extension of the political and diplomatic escalation that preceded the Syrian-Syrian National Conference [in Sochi, Russia] and aimed at preventing it from being held, or thwarting it, or circumventing its results. Thus, the escalation also confirms the failure of that campaign in achieving its goals in obstruction.

The simultaneity of escalation with the progress of the political solution – which has become a habitual simultaneity  over the years of the crisis – confirms once again that the battle for a solution is a well-deserved national battle, and that one of the most important manifestations of the national position of any Syrian force today is how its position responses to the political solution based on UN resolution 2254, especially that the hostile forces keep trying, in various ways and by using all of their cards, to prevent this solution and to perpetuate the conflict and the exhaustion of Syria.

The escalation of aggressive activity imposes on all Syrian patriots to accelerate the political solution, as it is the least costly way to deter the aggression, whether on the one hand these forces are obliged to abide by the international resolutions that provide for the unity and sovereignty of the Syrian state or by providing the tools of steadfastness in the confrontation. The first of these tools is the unification of all Syrian guns, since there is no contradiction between the political solution and the option of resistance. On the contrary, the political solution – which part of it is constituted of the process of national democratic and comprehensive change – has become one of the necessities of the resistance in its comprehensive sense, and a way to build a deep national unity capable of thwarting all bad projects targeting Syria and the Syrian people.

All of the past escalations were like a magic turned on the magician, and so is the recent wave of escalation as one of the obstructions, and primarily the Zionist aggression. The downing of the Zionist warplane with the general popular satisfaction resulting thereof, that crossed the dividing lines imposed on the Syrian people, and the insistence on the solution by Syria's allies, are factors that put Syria in front of a new momentum on the road to the political solution which has made its way despite all difficulties and obstacles, as a translation of the process of the new international balance, and of the role and weight of the rising powers that control the general trend of the course of events and hot spots on the international arena, including the Syrian crisis. At the same time, this solution is the optimal expression of the interests of the vast majority of the Syrian people.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No. 849, Feb. 12, 2018