Sochi and Beyond

Sochi and Beyond

The message of the Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Intra-Syrian Dialogue Conference in Sochi and the final communiqué agreed upon by all the parties concerned, came eto nd f the the uncertainty and resolve the debate on the function oconference as a supportive course for the implementation of resolution 2254 and to complement the Geneva process. In a clear response to the campaign of questioning, defamation and misinformation that preceded the conference, and tried fter it failed to prevent itto thwart it a.


Despite the obstacles that have appeared in the attempt to ellude commitment to the text of the final communiqué agreed between the Guarantor States and the United Nations on the one hand, and the attempts by some in the opposition's negotiating commission to seize all of those quotas not belonging to the regime's propponents within the Constitutional Reform Committee, The final statement, which is considered the first agreement between the representatives of the opposition and the government, the words of the international envoy at the end of the conference, and the statement of the Secretary-General of the United Nations on the importance of Sochi, are all indicators that this conference has achieved the main objective, that is salvating Geneva process from its stagnation status. This confirmed, once again, that the cascade of the Syrian settlement could be trigered again, if a neutral and impartial party, like the Russian party, exists and seeks to a real political solution to the crisis.

Now that the Conference has ended and positive signals have been sent, and are being sent, by many parties, including those that have refrained from participating in the Conference, the main task on the agenda is to implement Sochi's outputs on the ground and to speed up the formation of the Constitutional Reform Committee on the basis of consensus, in prmcipal, which is an indispensable condition in everything related to the Syrian crisis, and the resumption of the Geneva negotiations and turning it into an actual workshop, to implement Resolution 2254 away from making it a platform for scoring points and political propaganda of one party or another.

It should be noted here that it should be reiterated that the final wording of the Syrian Constitution must be in the hands of the Syrians, in Damascus and not elsewhere, which means that the Constitutional Reform Commision should be a serious dialogue between the Syrians, Including the agreement on the concept, form and content of the transitional body that will run the referendum, and the elections in the country, that is, resolution 2254 was and remains and will remain the road map, the main reference, and the permanent present at any negotiating table concerning the solution of the Syrian crisis.

The new circumstance that the Russian ally managed to secure through Sochi, despite all the complications and disabilities that have emerged, provides a new historic opportunity for the Syrians to regain their decision and decide the fate of their country. This requires all

patriots to show pragmatism, political realism and positive engagement with the outcome of the conference, and turning them into concrete, and at the utmost speed.

Editorial of Qassion 844

Monday 05/02/2018