Sochi Bugaboo

Sochi Bugaboo

The process of the political solution to the Syrian crisis has suffered from many forms of obstruction, and various forms of friction, depending on the level of development of this process and its progress and approach to reach its logical end.


The latest form of obstruction is reflected in the debate over Sochi and its role, and the attempt to fabricate a discrepancy between Sochi and Geneva processes, although they are, objectively and realistically, complementary and synergistic to each other. Once the Troika (Russia-Turkey-Iran) declared the initial date of the Sochi National Dialogue Conference, the extremists of Riyadh were quick to raise the banner of 2254, although the questioning of this very resolution, or at least misinterpreting it, was previously the hallmark of their speech. In other words, the mere announcement of Sochi gave a new impetus to the Geneva process. Not to mention that the initiator and sponsor of the idea of Sochi Conference, that is the Russian party, consistently emphasizes on the Geneva process, and on the resolution 2254 as a reference.

In any case, if there is really a desire to reach a political solution to the Syrian tragedy, this would not be fulfilled by mere words or organized propaganda campaigns for it, in a way that makes the situation more and more tense. Rather, this desire must be reflected in making the most of every international effort, including Sochi, rather than digging for formalities, and fabricating pretexts, to evade this undoubtfully forthcoming entitlement.

The fact that the task of Sochi is to set up the constitutional framework for subsequent changes, this is not outside the logic and content of resolution 2254, but on the contrary, is a time shortcut, because it will be a station on the road of the transitional period, which will be organised by this resolution, including agreement on the substance and structure of the Governing Transitional Body, and on how to transfer sufficient powers to implement the resolution, and enable the Syrians to determine their own fate.

No one should think that, through Sochi, the resolution 2254 can be circumvented, or that Sochi might be turned into a platform to ignore this resolution, which is the only roadmap to the solution. At the same time, no one should think that his coup project can succeed in Geneva, Sochi or anywhere else. Any realistic solution under the circumstances of the Syrian crisis, and the balance of international, regional and local forces, is to be based on consensus as a rule. The only concurrent framework is the resolution 2254, that is, everyone is doomed to be abided by this resolution as it is, without futile explanations and interpretations, which have no meaning other than wasting of more time.

The difficult track that the political process has followed, and its being forwarded and imposed as a single option on all sides, despite all international and regional entanglements, confirms the fact that one must not lose sight of is the fact that this track, through its many stations, was established to triumph, and that the translation of this triumph on the ground is only a question of time, and whoever wants to follow this track, the gates are all open; whether in Geneva, Astana or Sochi, and all roads lead to the political solution.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No 844, Jan. 7, 2018