An Appeal #For_Syrians

An Appeal #For_Syrians

Syrian people!

The crisis is almost eight years old, and Syrian bloodshed continues as a result of the extremists’ delusions – here and there – of a military resolution of the crisis, and also because of the support of the external forces hostile to the Syrian people for “Daesh” (ISIS), and “Al Nusra” terrorist groups.

Since the beginning of the crisis, especially since the Consultation Meeting (July 2011) in the Sahara complex [Damascus], until today, we, in People’s Will Party, have been addressing the entire Syrian people, regardless of their places of residence, age, beliefs or social status, in the spirit of dialogue, and with clarifying the dangers of internationalization of the crisis, armed conflicts and its consequences, and slogans of “quell” versus “overthrow”, and the unprecedented disasters and calamities that they bring to the country.

It goes without saying that the Syrian people have not been asked about their opinions on anything of what has happened and is happening. The unfortunate and visible result is the suffering of millions of Syrians who became displaced and refugees, whether internally displaced, or as refugees outside the borders and beyond the seas. Moreover, there is the loss of a large part of the infrastructure, the destruction of educational, health and cultural facilities, and above all, the loss of hundreds of thousands of our people in the wrong time and place. This does not apply to the groups of terrorist mercenaries who entered our country under the auspices of foreign intelligence to spread chaos, leading to the division of the country.

It is easy to let accusations flying around the responsibility, of this or that, for starting the disaster and the armed confrontations. But the continuous shedding of Syrian blood and hindrance of the political solution represent a double disaster. Hence, we reiterate that there is no choice to exit the crisis other than through negotiations and dialogue between the Syrians.

For these reasons, we welcomed the progress achieved by the Astana process at the level of the de-escalation zones, and we stressed the need for the truce to be accompanied by the start of direct negotiations between one delegation of the opposition and the government delegation, and to create the proper conditions for the widest possible representatives of Syrian society in all its political, national, religious and sectarian components to participate in the Syrian National Dialogue, and to consolidate the basis of national reconciliation and guaranteeing rights and equality for all.

Nowadays, with the increasing rhythm of statements about Sochi Conference – both pro and against – even before we know its agenda, we call on all Syrians to interact positively with this international effort, and we underscore the inescapable fact that any true Syrian patriot sitting at the negotiating table, whether in Geneva, Astana, or Sochi, must be based on a basic rule, the rule that he or she is dealing with the fate of a state and a people, and must be far from any personal interests or ambitions or for the benefit of irrelevant others, especially that everything we have heard from the party calling for Sochi through the media, confirms that this conference will in no way be a substitute for the Geneva negotiations. Rather, Sochi’s outcomes will be an important opportunity to activate Geneva negotiations on all issues, in order to implement UN Security Council Resolution 2254 without any preconditions from any party, so that the Syrian people can finally participate in the real future of their country at all levels, especially that this initiative was launched by the country that has provided all capabilities and participated directly in the elimination of terrorists, and has always stressed the unity of the Syrian territories and respect for its sovereignty, and is historically related to us by bonds of friendship and cooperation, based on mutual interest in all fields, especially politically, militarily and economically.

Together to save Syria and the Syrians!

People’s Will Party.

14 \ 1 \ 2018

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No 845, Jan. 14, 2018

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