New Tension, New Retreat

New Tension, New Retreat

The regional situation is witnessing new attempts to raise the level of tension, through a broad propaganda campaign, about the possibility of igniting a regional war, warning of «Apocalypse»!


It is no secret that many of the manifestations of this tension are artificial and fabricated, especially that the probability of achieving this possibility, in light of the new international balance, is close to zero. What is the aim of war forces, then, behind this beating of the war drums? and where is the regional scene heading?

The forces of fascism and war are trying to compensate for the strategic loss they have suffered after the debilitating defeat of “Daesh” in Syria and Iraq, because “Daesh” was considered as a striking hand and a political and military vehicle for them to spread chaos.

The new attempts of tension fabrication are coming after:

• the failure of an attempt to blow up a national conflict in Iraq, and after both the central government and the Kurdistan Regional Government had to resort to the negotiating table in resolving the existing disputes.

• The Saudi option in Yemen has reached a dead end, and become clearly unable to carry out the proxy task that had assigned to it.

• The growing dissemblance and fragmentation of the regional alliance of war forces, between the various countries of this alliance, and also within each individual country of in it.

• The failure of the fascist forces in the US administration to renounce the nuclear agreement with Iran. Moreover, such an attempt has imposed further isolation on USA, even with its closest traditional allies.

• The increasing impact of the Russian role, and its involvement in the various crises, including the Iranian-Saudi dispute, with the resulting possibility of reaching rational and balanced solutions, which are impeding the forces of war from continuing their investments in crises and disputes between the countries of the region, which have aimed at maintaining the hegemony of these forces.

• Consolidation and stabilization of the political solution as the only solution to the Syrian crisis, and the continuous Russian efforts of pressuring and making consecutive creative solutions to remove the remaining obstacles from the way of the upcoming Geneva round, on the 28th of this November, embodying a practical crisis-solving model under the new international balance.

The current tension was fabricated after many countries with large economic weights had declared their desire to abandon the dollar and expel it from the exchange process, and the resulting risks thereof on the dollar's domination over the currency market, and exposition of the dollar's ugliness as the most dangerous instrument of “scam and tyranny” in human history.

In the present situation, the waving of a wide-range war does not go beyond the threshold of geopolitical manipulations by the war forces, through involving forces and states in new conflicts in order to cover up their general decline, after the fall of their tools of domination, one tool after another. However, committing a partial and temporary folly of this kind, as a "concomitant characteristic of the defeated capitalism", will only lead to further decline and loss of more papers.

Therefore, urging the Syrians to move towards the political solution based on UN Resolution 2254, is still a continuous and ongoing task, with all of its implications: from stopping the humanitarian disaster and fighting terrorism, up to radical and comprehensive national democratic change.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No 836, Nov. 11, 2017