Main Path and Supporting Paths

Main Path and Supporting Paths

The declaration of the Russian Federation about the possibility of holding a conference for «Syrian national dialogue», has aroused the Geneva process from its stagnant state, and provoked the extremist forces in the Riyadh group, so they expressed mistrust and libeled the conference even before its nature, function and final features have been clarified.


Since the beginning of the crisis, the war camp had no other choice but to indulge more and more into the military option, and to transform the crisis into a breeding ground for armed groups, expanding the area of armed action.

The Russian party, on the other side, has advanced one initiative after another, in order to reach a solution. The observer can note that the most prominent feature of the behavior of the Russian party in the Syrian crisis, has been its capability to find creative solutions to the various obstacles, since the time this party became a key player in the Syrian field. The Russians’ goal of "consensual political solution” being constant, clear and declared, so their tools have always evolved according to the necessities of the moment, the behavior of other powers, their seriousness and position within the ongoing conflict. Russia has combined the military action, against the internationally-classified terrorist forces, with the political and diplomatic action, hence neutralizing the moderate forces, and opening the door for them to get involved into the political process, preparing the atmosphere for a dialogue between the regime and the opposition, through the Geneva negotiations. Thus came the Geneva Statement, the consecutive Geneva Talks, the Astana process, and lately the forthcoming conference for a Syrian national dialogue. All these to serve the main goal, that is the desired political solution.

Thus, the constant thing is the political solution, as a necessity, and as the only solution. Its tools may change, but the UN resolution 2254 is the fixed framework being an international resolution based on consensus, and acquiring its importance from being compatible with the interests of the Syrian people, and with international legitimacy.

In order to push toward this solution, there are tons of ways to trap the obstructive forces in the corner, putting them face to face with the reality. No one is permitted to close the door of the political solution anymore, neither directly nor obliquely through circumventing the solution, postponing it, or liquidating it.

Today there are the de-escalation areas, and broad forces deployed on the ground, deriving its legitimacy from its tangible representation of the Syrians. Therefore, these forces should be represented, they do not need to be certified from any other party, neither the Coalition [for Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces], nor anyone else. No party should try to monopolize the representation of the Syrian people or to speak by its name. Perhaps this is the first task of the planned dialogue conference.

The latest initiative [for a Syrian national dialogue] should be read in this context. It is not an alternative route, nor is it a reversal of the resolution 2254, but an early warning, before the next round of Geneva, to anyone who try to manipulate time and prolong the life of the crisis more. This latest initiative is rather a development of the previous ones, and a means to give them a stronger momentum, to speed up the political solution, and reach at radical and comprehensive national democratic change.

The Syrians, and their allies, do not have the luxury of waiting for the obstructers to get out of their confusion, disputes, and hesitation, nor they have more time to submit to the narrow and immoral interests of a few politicians who have nothing but an international and regional support that is eroding day after day.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No 835, November 4, 2017.