Communiqué on PWP Central Council Meeting

Communiqué on PWP Central Council Meeting

The Central Council of the People's Will Party held its periodical meeting, Saturday, May 14th, 2016.

The meeting agenda included discussing the latest developments of the Syrian, regional and international  situations between two CC meetings, besides a wide range of organizational, worker, media and foreign relations issues.

The meeting considered that the political changes are running through the entire world. The acceleration of this in our region is due to the fact that the conflict in it is so hot, assuming all political, military and popular forms, at the same time. It noted that the advance of one shape over the other has to do with the nature of the conflict in each region. This is covering the five continents and regions, including Latin America, the Baltic and Middle East.

The meeting found out that those countries and regions that are witnessing armed conflicts are moving towards political solutions, against a ground of an ongoing process of dismantling the international relations system that has been prevailing since mid20th century, politically, militarily, economically and monetary, to be replaced by another system based on respecting international law. This is being realized by the advance of Russia, China and allies, in comparison to the retreat of the US and allies, in a process that will implicitly change the world wealth supremacy pattern, along the way of getting rid of the US hegemony.

According to this, the meeting reviewed the recent rounds of Geneva-3 that aims at realizing the political solution for the Syrian crisis, besides reviewing the political and media activities of the representatives of the PWP and Change and Liberation Front during them, in order to devote that solution as the only objective way out of the devastating humanitarian catastrophe hitting the Syrians.

The meeting stressed that the Syrian developments are in general moving towards reaching the political solution with all its political, socioeconomic and democratic repercussions, despite all the obstacles set forth by the hardliners of different sides of the Syrian conflict, who say that they accept the political solution, but in practice they work on keeping war and violence to sustain their narrow interests.

The CC of the PWP praised the practical and concrete proposals introduced by Moscow Platform Delegation to Geneva Intra- Syrian Talks, that dealt with the Transitional Period and the Transitional Governing Body, as an application of UNSCR 2254, and the rest of the international resolutions and statements related to resolving the Syrian crisis, with political means.

The Council condemned the continuation by the current Syrian government and the Central Bank of Syria with the economic liberation policy, including of prices/ rates and goods, in favor of the corruption forces and tycoon traders and businessmen. It warned that the horrible deterioration of the living conditions forecasts major chaotic social explosions, with all their impacts and accompanying diseases, leading to the exacerbation of the ongoing Syrian plight.

The meeting stressed that the mobile massacres, and targeting the civilians, and even the recent massacre against the Syrian Pound, are in fact reactions by those forces that reject the looming change-oriented political solution. The meeting underlined the necessity for protecting the civilians, consolidating and broadening truce ranges, and for non-politicizing the humanitarian access, as well as the necessity for continuing with the separation and differentiation process among the Syrian militants, between pro- and anti- terrorist groups, which will contribute in earthing and isolating those who hinder the peaceful solution, regardless of their declared alignment.

The Central Council of the People's Will Party, underlined the inevitability of preserving Syria as a united, integrated and sovereign state, rejecting the different fragmenting and divisional calls regardless of their excuses. It called at the time for having a widened administrative decentralism led by a strong and dynamic centralism that empowers the peripherals with the authorities to manage their administrative, public service, and cultural affairs.

In other items on its agenda, the meeting stressed that the organizational structures of the Party should keep abreast with the on-ground and political developments in the country. It decided to carry on with, and to elaborate, the relevant organizational workshops. It also continued with discussing the electoral charts and draft documents that would be presented to upcoming PWP Conference, which exact date is to be set later on.

The meeting reviewed the dangerous conditions, in terms of the living standards and personal security, endured by the Syrian, public- and private- sector workers, alike. It concluded that the class- aspect explanation of the problems suffered by the Syrian workers is still shy and at low profile in their syndicate conferences, while promoting the policies of the Syrian government on different issues is a high profile, at the same conferences. The meeting stressed the need for finding useful forms for guarantying the interests of private sector workers. It discussed PWP's trade-unionist, political and media activities in this domain, and adopted the relevant directives.

The meeting discussed, as well, the media musts and challenges faced by the Party as a whole. As it ratified the related tasks and orientations, the Council welcomed the launch of the English version of Kassioun website, especially under the fierce media war imposed on the Syrian people and their national forces.

With regard to foreign relations, the meeting underlined the significance of convening and concluding the 11th Conference of the Lebanese Communist Party, and the necessity for further developing the comradely relations between the two twin parties, in light of the challenges faced by the two peoples, on all arenas, including standing up for the greeds and schemes of the Israeli occupation.

Damascus, May 14, 2016   
The Central Council of the People's Will Party

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