1st of May, Day of National and Class Struggle

1st of May, Day of National and Class Struggle

Heroic Syrian Workers..!
Great Syrian People..!
You are the producers of New Syria, Let it be yours..!

On your Day, May Day, the world is approaching a totally new phase through the struggle of humanity, leaded by the working class, for a new world, free of wars, exploitations, and oppressions, of all forms and types.

The reason behind all the disasters, catastrophes, and wars endured by humanity as a whole, has been and is still the world capitalist system, with its US international center along with its diversities and corridors worldwide. The working class, being the most revolutionary, along with all wage-laborers, are concerned with saving humanity from the jaws of the dark imperialist monsters, regardless to their different masks and layouts.
Our beloved country, Syria, is at the threshold of the phase of the practical implementation of the political solution of the bloody and devastating, 5-years-old, Syrian crisis. What matters for the Syrians, the workers atop of them, with this regard, is to stop the Syrian humanitarian catastrophe and paving the way for the Syrian workers’ voice and revolutionary program to be able to express themselves, comprising all the suppressed and impoverished people, reaching to implementing that rescue program, as a savior for all Syrians. The Syrian Working Class and its syndicate movement should be prompt in organizing their ranks, and consolidating their independence and unity, in order to confront the liberal economy program, as they would shoulder, anyway,  the process of building New Syria, whether this was for their own advantage or disadvantage. Hence, it would be best for them to be prepared for making that process evolve in their interests, the interests of the Syrian People.

Workers of the World, all Oppressed Peoples, Unite!
People’s Will Party
May, 1, 2016

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