Press Release by Moscow Platform

Press Release by Moscow Platform

Mr. Nasser al-Hariri, the Head of the Syrian Negotiation Commission (SNC), launched today, in his interview with the Middle East Journal, a new provocative declarations considering that Moscow had "turned into a party in the conflict", and he even called on the United Nations to jump over the "Veto" in order to spare Al-Nusra Front and its followers from the strikes they are receiving, and this is under the usual eternal pretext of "defending civilians"!

Washington did not turn – in the eyes of the extremist group within the SNC – into "a party in the conflict", when its President announced his granting the Syrian occupied Golan to the Zionist entity. The SNC did not call for disqualifying Washington from the Veto right, and even did not dare to condemn Washington explicitly. Moreover, the SNC hurried to meet with the US officials a few days after that announcement.

Such declarations come at a time when a glimpse of hope emerged on a closely coming real solution according to UNSCR 2254 after the latest Russian-US meeting in Sochi on the 14th of this May, and after what has come out of it as positive indications and statements on the reaching of understanding related to Syria. Therefore, declarations of this kind constitute part of the "effort" that are being made by the extremists everywhere trying to extinguish this glimpse of hope, especially that the latter is adding a fresh weakness to their already existing weakness and isolation, threatening their political future in a real way this time!

Under these declarations, a number of the Syrian patriots inquiring us with a frequent question on why we are still present in a commission [SNC] led by a group of such pattern. Here, we confirm that the Commission with the three platforms represented in it, is one of the provisions of the UNSCR 2254, as a party to negotiate with the regime, and in this sense it is a property of the Syrian people and not an personal ownership of anyone or any group to be manipulated away from the facts and decisions. We will continue our work to restore the functional role of the SNC in line with the UN resolution, serving to end the crisis of the Syrian people and to open the gates for the radical change that have been a due since decades.

Moscow Platform of Syrian Opposition


Saturday 18th May 2019