Press Release by Moscow Platform Al-Nusra is Attacking and the West is Shedding Tears!

Press Release by Moscow Platform Al-Nusra is Attacking and the West is Shedding Tears!

This morning (Tuesday, 7 May), a statement was issued by the Syrian Negotiation Commission (SNC), regarding the ongoing escalation in the Syrian province of Idlib, its countryside and the northern countryside of Hama governorate. The statement ignored any mentioning of the cause of the escalation which is the repeated attacks by the Al-Nusra Front terrorist organization and the similar organizations, not the last of which the killing of tens of victims in the past two days.


The Western parties have always wanted the Sochi agreement to turn into an agreement to protect Al-Nusra Front and perpetuate its presence in the Syrian north, which is contrary to the essence of this agreement and its goals. The latest statement of the SNC is nothing but one of the tools of the Western campaign that began with the escalation of Al-Nusra Front, and is now trying to increase the degree of tension in the Idlib file to maintain the state of intransigence and to block the Astana's efforts to dismantle this dilemma.

The continued evasion of the recognition of the escalation and crimes committed by Al-Nusra Front, let alone not condemning it, which comes under the guise of calling for the protection of civilians, is a major crime against these same civilians by using them as a political shield to protect the Al-Nusra Front. This crime is no less than, and even greater than, the use by Al-Nusra Front itself of these civilians as human shields. The protection of civilians, first and foremost, is to stop depending on the West, and falling prostrate before the West, and to stop carrying its orders. On the contrary, the protection of civilians is brought out through accelerating the unification of all Syrian guns against Al-Nusra Front and the similar organizations and through the real cooperation with the Astana process to speed it up and accelerate reaching a comprehensive political solution to the Syrian crisis through the UNSC resolution 2254.

Moscow Platform for the Syrian Opposition
7 May, 2019