Press Release about the Consultative Meeting in Riyadh

Press Release about the Consultative Meeting in Riyadh

A consultative meeting between the three opposition platforms - Moscow, Riyadh and Cairo - took place on Monday (August 21st) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, at the invitation of the High Negotiations Committee.

The Moscow platform proposed that the meeting be held in Geneva and not in Riyadh, but the international envoy’s postponement of the date of the technical talks, which was scheduled to start today in Geneva, pushed the platform to accept the attendance in order not to waste more time new.
It was positive to clarify the boundaries of the differences between the three platforms, which is due in part to the insistence of the Riyadh platform to put forward preconditions regarding the departure of the Syrian president and the idea of the constitutional declaration, which are conditions that would prevent access to direct negotiations and prevent the political solution and political transition later, although in a meeting with Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia, Mr. Adel Mirdad, he stressed the need to take variables into account.
The meeting was characterized by an atmosphere of seriousness and frankness, and it was agreed to continue communication and continue to search for mechanisms to allow the formation of the delegation, which Moscow platform believes it has become very close despite surfacing of some of stresses.
Delegation of the Moscow Platform Leadership.