Statement by Change and Liberation Front

Statement by Change and Liberation Front

After years of envisaging the choice of the political solution, and after having this choice  being established as the only solution for the Syrian crisis, the leadership of the Change and Liberation Front declares that , under the current conditions, it is not going to take part in the upcoming round of Geneva Intra-Syrian Talks. This comes as a protest against the conduct of the UN Special Envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, that gives special advantages to the Riyadh platform, enabling it from controlling the opposition delegation, despite its Feb 11 statement that violates the UNSCR 2254, and despite its well known positions during the previous rounds, all resulting in blowing up every effort to reach a political solution.

The behaviour of the SE for Syria, and his attempts to annex other platforms to Riyadh delegation, or ignoring entire ones, are a flagrant violation of 2254, contradicting his presumed neutral role, preaching every diplomatic and political tradition, and revealing his disrespect of the will of the Syrian people and their eager desire to reach the political solution, putting an end to their life-threatening  catastrophic war with all its dangers to the regional and international security, and stopping their bloodshed.
Thus, the leadership of the Change and Liberation Front holds the UN Special Envoy responsible for obstructing this historical chance which is created by the will of the Syrian nationals and the allies of the Syrian people. As it calls upon the United Nations to play its role in correcting the flaws, the CLF will continue with its efforts to ensure all needed success conditions for Geneva, including having equal representation for all opposition platforms, being a way to realise the political solution on the basis of 2254.

Damascus, February 18, 2017
Change and Liberation Front

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