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The Required Role of the United Nations

Since the Syrian crisis was internationalized, the UN role for solving this crisis, and then its role for the comprehensive implementation of the UNSCR 2254, has been talked about as if it were unclearly defined role, and subjected to interpretational tensions.

Press Release by Moscow Platform of the Syrian Opposition

The leadership of Moscow Platform of the Syrian Opposition was informed by the Head of the Platform, Dr. Kadri Jamil, about the deliberations of his meeting today afternoon with Mr. Mikhail Bogdanov, Deputy Foreign Minister and Special Presidential Representative for the Middle East and Africa.

Protecting the Syrian Pound is a Protection of the People

The dollar exchange rate on the black market has been gradually and steadily rising for almost a year, but in recent weeks it has risen steadily and daily under the country's economic stagnation and the contradictions that interact and manifest themselves on the surface in the structure of the Syrian great corruption.

Your Alignment Today Determines Your Location Tomorrow!

Three Declarations came as primary headlines in the past week, respectively: The declaration of The Central Bank of England that: «Dependence on Dollar should began to be ended and another alternative reserves currency should be looked for», and Macron declaration that «the era of Western hegemony came to an end», and finally, Trump's declaration in his dispute with the Federal Reserve Bank, in which he put forward the idea of adopting the policy of a weak dollar.

Turkey Has No Half-Way Compromise!

Turkey's contradictory behavior – contradictory between the Syrian northeast dossier and the Idlib dossier; in each one of them; and also, between acts and statements, draws a painting of confusion and hesitation that has placed Turkey in an unenviable position, until it appears as someone who is trying to please everyone. Ultimately, nor is he gaining himself and even his interests!

Халед Аль-Рушд и «Путешествие искажающее память»

В последние две недели Халед Аль-Рушд, автор и ведущий программы «Путешествие в прошлое» на Russia Today (на арабском языке), представил два новых эпизода своей программы, первый из которых назывался «Большевики и вопрос поддержки Великой сирийской революции », а во втором эпизоде затрагивались отношения Коминтерна и Сирийской коммунистической партии.

Khaled Al-Roushd and «Journey Through Distortion of Memory»

In the past two weeks, Khaled Al-Roushd, the author and presenter of «Journey Through Memory» program in Russia Today (Arabic), presented two new episodes of his program, the first one was entitled «Bolsheviks and the question of supporting the Great Syrian Revolution» while the second episode touched on the relationship between the Comintern and the Syrian Communist Party.

No Safety Without A Comprehensive Political Solution!

More than a week has passed since the US- Turkish announcement of reaching an agreement on a “safe zone” in the northeast of Syria, and the various facts and statements confirmed what we went to in the previous Kassioun editorial, when we described the agreement as a “mutual lying” between the US and Turkey, through which each seeking to trap the other. Since the first hours after the announcement, signs of this have emerged through the absence of any effective practical steps, as well as through a series of Turkish-American mutual statements, some of which carried a more escalating tone than before the agreement.