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Press Release by Moscow Platform

Mr. Nasser al-Hariri, the Head of the Syrian Negotiation Commission (SNC), launched today, in his interview with the Middle East Journal, a new provocative declarations considering that Moscow had "turned into a party in the conflict", and he even called on the United Nations to jump over the "Veto" in order to spare Al-Nusra Front and its followers from the strikes they are receiving, and this is under the usual eternal pretext of "defending civilians"!

Russian Foreign Ministry Statement on the Meeting of Bogdanov and Jamil

On Monday, May 13, [2019], a meeting was held between the Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for the Middle East and Africa, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Mikhail Bogdanov, and the Secretary of the People's Will Party, Member of the leadership of the Syrian Front for Change and Liberation, the Head of the Moscow Platform of the Syrian Opposition Dr. Kadri Jamil.

Post-escalation Understandings?

Almost all of those presenting their readings of the Syrian situation are in a position to say that a period of major compromises and changes is looming on the horizon, but each side has its own interpretations of this, and its own expectations for the essence of future settlements.


Press Release by Moscow Platform Al-Nusra is Attacking and the West is Shedding Tears!

This morning (Tuesday, 7 May), a statement was issued by the Syrian Negotiation Commission (SNC), regarding the ongoing escalation in the Syrian province of Idlib, its countryside and the northern countryside of Hama governorate. The statement ignored any mentioning of the cause of the escalation which is the repeated attacks by the Al-Nusra Front terrorist organization and the similar organizations, not the last of which the killing of tens of victims in the past two days.


Crisis... Be More intense, Be Closer to Détente

The blockers of political solution, the Westerners and their followers and supporters in the various parties, have been accustomed to be in solidarity with each other along the past bitter years. Their plan has always been to keep the suspended files on hold, while using one file at a time as the main tool for hindering, while pretending to be flexible with the other files.

About Disruption and Reconstruction!

Over the last few weeks, the attack on Russia and the Russian role in Syria have increased from several sources used to be assumed as connected to various Syria parties. On top of the issues on which this attack was based: the issue of the Zionist soldier, the Tartous port issue, and the latest Astana meeting and its consequences. Although much of the facts and data on these three issues are still undeclared and are being deliberately manipulated and falsified, their profound interpretation does not stop there.

Eradicating the Creative Chaos from the Region

During the past week, emerged a number of indicators of the beginning of the transition from the secret to the public, with regard to efforts to calm the regional situation, and gradual transformation towards normal forms of cooperation instead of hostility. This includes bilateral relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia and Syria, and between Syria and Turkey.

Sudan and Algeria; Objective: Eradicate Corruption

Like regimes learn from mistakes of others, also peoples learn from the lessons of others. If the popular movements that have been emerged since 2011 until now, indicated a clear beginning of the global social-political movement, their maturity and the lessons learned from them crystallize day after day.

Liberation of the Golan Today not Tomorrow

More than 50 years have passed since the occupation of our territory in the Golan. During this half-century, not only the Golan was the victim, but the effects of this occupation have extended to the entire socio-economic and political structure of Syria. The existence of the occupation has been linked to the depletion of resources, and created a pretext for practicing «zero democracy».