Syrian-Turkish Relations and the New World

Syrian-Turkish Relations and the New World

He loses his understanding of reality and falls into errors ranging from minor to major, in the national sense, the one who views Astana as a temporary or transitory understanding related to Syria.

The agenda of the tripartite alliance includes a long list of issues related to the whole region, including Syria... The length of this list and depth of this alliance is due to the fact that the alliance itself is only one expression of the new international balance of power that shifted its center to the East for the first time in 500 years during which the center of gravity had remained in the west.

In this sense, this alliance was created to be remained and be strengthened, and to solve, through consensus, any discrepancies that arise or may arise. All the West's dreams of disintegrating Astana through complicating the Syrian situation is nothing more than an illusion and chasing of a mirage, because the parties of Astana are well aware of their interests, and more importantly they are aware of their historical and international responsibility to contribute effectively in redrawing the whole world, in line with the new balance.

Within the Syrian peculiarity emerges a set of issues under preparation: The first is Idlib, which will not be long time before the ultimate elimination of Al-Nusra Front, and the like organizations, inside it. The second is the situation of East Euphrates and what is said about a safe or buffer zone or whatever label. In this matter, and far from the bazaar of various statements, especially the ones coming from the West and their allies, Astana has established the only basis that can solve the issue in accordance with Syrian sovereignty really and effectively, we mean here the essence of talking about the Adana agreement, which, regardless of its details, means resolving the issue on the basis of respect for, and conformity with, the Syrian sovereignty.

What should also be clear to some dreamers in the two Syrian parties, is that the West is insisting on not solving the crisis, and any effort to secretly flirting with it, or to openly prostrate oneself before it, will never work. The west is continuing to escalate his economic sanctions and continuing his attempts to delay and complicate his military withdrawal from Syrian territory.

What should be clearer is that the Syrian crisis will be resolved whether the West participated or not. Within the economic complexities and the economic siege in particular, and in the context of the forthcoming Syrian recovery and reconstruction, emerges the objective need for the Syrian-Turkish border which stretches over 800 km as a land entry for Syria to the east.

providing more momentum to Turkey's departure from the Western camp and its accelerated approach to the East, after it had played the role of a Western policeman since its formation after the First World War, is not only a Turkish interest, but also a Syrian one. Therefore, it must be insisted on reaching the necessary consensuses based on equal relations that respect sovereignty both in word and deed.

Any attempt to rely on the West or its followers in the region, whether in a miserable attempt to strike a balance or within hopes of satisfying Western complacency, forgets that the West has been and is still hostile to the very existence of Syria from basically, and the west, in the midst of its crisis, will not be satisfied by any concessions provided to it, except the giving up the whole of Syria in order to turn it into a dependent country, or else to disintegrate it and make it disappear from existence. Both of the above are unattainable, even if some Syrian parties want to help achieve either of them!

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No. 903, March 04, 2019