The End of Era of Dictation and Assault

The End of Era of Dictation and Assault

It is no secret that the last session of the United Nations General Assembly has clearly demonstrated the change in the international balance of forces, as expressed by Sergei Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister: "Numerous problems of the modern time can be resolved only on the basis of equality and mutual respect. Dictate and coercion, so typical of the colonial era, are to be once and for all… left on the ash heap of history".

This UNGA session was preceded by the escalation of the Russian media against the "Israelis" on the eve of the Zionist strike, which some of its results are: Proving that the full responsibility for the disaster of the Russian aircraft "Il-20" rests upon the Zionist air force, and who took the decision on this operation; and proving that the statements about the alleged non-involvement of the "Israeli" side in the disaster that killed 15 Russian soldiers are lies.

After the announcement that "the S-300 air defense system had begun deployed to Syria", it was revealed that the deployment has started immediately after the disaster of downing the Russian aircraft. Hence, did the declarations of Lavrov and Bogdanov that the decision was made to hand over the missile defense system to Syria aim only to protect the Russian forces stationed in Syria? Has it been handed over on agreed conditions to be used only if the Russian military exposed to risk? It is well known that the S-400 system is already existed in the Russian bases, and the delivery of the S-300 system is just a recognition of the need to put a limit to the Zionist aggressions with all the necessary capabilities that this requires.

This follows successive assertions by the Russian officials of the need to respect Syrian sovereignty and that any aggression or strikes against Syria is contrary to the international principles adopted by the United Nations and is an attack on the sovereignty of a Member State of the United Nations.

A warning with a clear and deterrent wording is issued by Russia cautioning Western countries "against new attacks on the territory of Syria under another staged pretext. That would be a gross violation of the UN Charter and would undermine the efforts to promote a political settlement in that long-suffering country". In this context, emphasis is placed on Russia's role in advancing the peace process - on the Palestinian issue - on the basis of United Nations resolutions.

All this comes under Western, US and UK confusion in dealing with global changes, and the shift in weight of Russia, China and other countries of the BRICS and other rising countries. The economic weights of these countries force the Europeans to change their economic orientation de facto, but American threats through the British trumpeter, or directly, are still present, and still casting doubt on how the future would be.

The transition from the world of the single pole to a multipolar world is day after day becoming a tangible reality that can no longer be ignored, and perhaps the demise of some and the emergence of others may be a path to the world of non-polarity.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No 881, October 01, 2018