Not a Trade War

Not a Trade War

The meeting of the Big Seven; the disagreements over the final communique; followed by the US president's quick withdrawal from what was agreed upon; then the European and Canadian hints about the possibility of dispensing with USA presence in the group. All of these events made up a new occasion conforming the division of the Western world, and another proof that what is happening is not just a trade war under the title of steel and aluminum, as promoted, or just divergent views on this or that issue, as rumored! What is happening is rather an expression of a deep structural crisis in the entire Western capitalist center, which touches upon its most important economic and political components. In this context comes the behavior of the United States of America against the background of "self-distancing" from the consequences of this crisis. USA actually knows more than others the depth of the crisis, because it is the center of the crisis.

What happened, and what will happen later in this context, is one of the manifestations of the "combat between predators" who try to solve their contradictions at the expense of the countries and peoples of the world. The disagreement between the Western Center countries is about two forms of looting the world and control its resources: between, on the one hand, the brutal globalization that has exhausted its strength, in light of the emergence of new international forces, and, on the other hand, the so-called American protectionism, which – in order to withdraw with the least losses – is  trying to combine the remnants of globalization's revenues, along with putting the burdens and consequences of the crisis upon the shoulders of others, even if those others were US allies or US "consanguineous".

The global financial capital oligarchy is trying to alter the existing mode of international relations. The European Union, for example, is no longer a union, and it is not necessary to "cooperate" with it as a political economic bloc, but rather as ordinary countries that can be dealt with individually. This enables that oligarchy to extort and drain these countries.

The effects of the internal contradictions of the Western capitalist center are accelerating in the interest of promoting the world of multipolarity. Moreover, Western world "satans" – whether in the media, politics, diplomacy, or military field – have failed in covering or postponing or neutralizing these effects by fabricating battles with the rising powers, and colliding all with all. In practice, their attempts negatively rebounded on them.

Recently, the American flirtation with Russia; McCron's acknowledgment of the mistakes made in the relationship with Russia; and the insistence of the German Chancellor on the signing of the Northern Gas deal with Russia – are all indicators of the evolution of the situation, in a direction that necessarily serves the options of the rising international powers, which in turn highlight their strength of presence by deepening coalitions like in Shanghai recently.

There is no doubt that these Western contradictions will not pass without consequences for the countries and peoples of the world, and it is too early to predict their level and severity. But in any case, it can be asserted with confidence that a new world is being formed, and the western control of the global decision have became something from the past.

These storming global developments put on the shoulders of living forces of all countries of the world, including our own country, a task that can not be postponed: the readiness to find for themselves a location in the newly formed geopolitical map, in line with the new trend in international relations, which permit the success of a national model that provide Syrians with the highest rate of economic development and deepest social justice.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No 866, June 11, 2018