The Other «Middle East»

The Other «Middle East»

A multi-polar world is rapidly being consolidated, leaving a tangible impact on the overall processes taking place in today's world. In this context, it is possible to speak of concrete daily facts in political, economic, military and technological fields in various regions of the world. It is normal for the region which has been termed "Middle East" – as the case used to be throughout history – to be one of the main frontlines in the conflict between the old and the new, and one of the areas in which the new international balance of forces are manifested.

Because the new international balance of forces is a continuous historical process, and because an accumulation is taking place – after the rising forces made a transition "from defense to attack" and introduced tools to reach realistic alternatives – a new geopolitical reality in our region, and thus a qualitatively new state of affairs, will necessarily be reached. The old "Middle East" in its English version had become part of the past, and the "New Middle East" in its American form has reached a dead end, because these two miserable models – including the fate of the Zionist entity's functional role which is undergoing threats to its very existence by the strikes of the Palestinian resistant youth – are opposed to the strategies of the emerging international powers, and on the other hand they totally contradict the interests of the peoples and countries of the region.

In this context, the general indicators in many countries of the region, and the profound changes taking place in the social bottom – which some do not yet have enough foresight to see them and, accordingly, to build on their basis – constitute the beginnings of a new wave of popular movement with new expertise and higher political awareness that empower this movement to brake the attempts of imposing sectarian, national, religious, factitious, and fabricated conflicts, or any attempt to sustain conflicts and tension or destroy the structures of nations and societies. This new popular wave also serves as a catalyst in activating the domestic social carrier integrated with the role of the rising international powers.

The peoples of the region in general and their living forces have a historic opportunity to express themselves at this historic juncture and embark on the new historical phase, by linking their profound national, socio-economic and democratic interests with the logic and content of the new international balance of forces, in a creative and innovative manner, according to the concrete conditions of each of these people forces. This will contribute to rapid exit from the blood bath, and from distorted conflicts of various manifestations, forms and levels. It will also contribute to efforts seeking to compensate for the catastrophic losses that costed these peoples blood and destruction. This will also open the way to the process of genuine national development, and complete disengagement from the system of dependence, in its various local carriers and international instruments, which constituted the root of all the devastation that has happened in the Global Periphery countries during the past decades.

Going through this direction is an indispensable condition for any force, regardless of its current position, if it is to secure for itself a place in the new political space, and, hence, to continue to exist.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No 863, May 21, 2018