Washington Had Been Stronger!

Washington Had Been Stronger!

After repeated statements by the president of the united states, about the imminent withdrawal of US forces from Syria, there were frequent talk of the arrival of Arab and European forces, as alternative to US forces stationed in the north of Syria. Moreover, media reports indicated that French troops have already arrived to some locations.

The initial reactions to this US attempt, including those of the Arab Gulf protectorates, which are confused and anxious, indicate that Washington's new adventure was born dead. Those states are already exhausted by their internal and inter-states crises, and regional dilemmas, from the Yemen war, through the relations with Iran, up to their scandalous role in the Syrian crisis. Only Macron's France seems eager to get involved in the moving sands of Syria.

It is important to note that the withdrawal of the United States of America from Syria is a fait accompli, and just a matter of time that will not be long, after the elimination of Daesh (ISIL) whose existence was a pretext for intervention, especially since the US presence already contradicts international law. All in all, the "gift" Which Washington offers to its allies, is an exploitation of the need of some of these allies to restore the eroded influence under the balance of international, regional and local forces after they are out. The American war forces are seeking to raise the level of tension to a higher level, activating new contradictions (European – Turkish, and European – Russian). That is, Washington, which is obliged to withdraw, is trying to leave behind irreconcilable crises, and to sustain the conflict in any way, in order to attrit the Russian Federation, and find new pretexts to maintain the tension in international relations, as tension is the only playground through which Washington can block and delay the new path of international relations, through the preoccupation of the ascending international powers with marginal and partial battles, as long as USA is retreating in the basic files the conflict.

Regardless of the fate of the process of bringing in new military forces, and whether or not they are implemented by Washington's Arab or non-Arab followers, and whether US forces withdraw or not, what Washington could not achieve by herself when she was stronger, or through her international alliance, tripartite aggression, planes, missiles, warships and media machinery, would not be achieved by French or Arab forces or even both. The fate of this attempt will not be better than its predecessors. Washington, which grants to others what she does not have, is the same Washington that has tried direct military intervention and failed, the same Washington who created terrorism and financed military action, but has not achieved her wants, has not been able to stop the Geneva process, despite she has temporarily obstructed it. Furthermore, Washington is now weaker in economy, politics, and military as well. The rising forces are clearly moving from defense to attack and are approaching to dismantle the system of Western hegemony, and impose their own logic and vision on the international situation, which is reflected - in circumstances of our country – in the political solution and the implementation of the UN Security Council Resolution 2254.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No 860, Apr. 30, 2018