You Will Not Pass!

You Will Not Pass!

Last week witnessed an unprecedented political and diplomatic mobilisation, both qualitatively and qualitatively, in the context of pushing forward the political process of solving the Syrian crisis: from the meeting of the leaders of the troika (Russia – Turkey – Iran), to the opposition meetings in Riyadh and preparations for the Syrian dialogue in Sochi, in addition to the various international and regional reactions and shuttle visits made by the international envoy. These developments taken together constitute an integrated package, confirming the beginning of a qualitative shift in the course of the Syrian situation as a whole.

The Sochi agreement and the coordination between the three guarantor countries regarding the convening of the Syrian dialogue conference, discussing the details of the field situation, and overcoming some of the chronic dilemmas, such as the Kurdish representation, up to discussing the reconstruction process. Sochi agreement comes as a complementation to the Astana process which was launched after the Moscow's tripartite statement. While Astana process – from its beginning, and after the United States disavowed its agreement with the Russians on the cessation of hostilities – led to weakening of the US influence, what happened in Sochi recently, and the concrete talk about reconstruction, marked the beginning of a further reduction of influence of the regional powers – along with their underlining Western centers – which, paradoxically, played roles beyond their normal size.

In parallel, there was the Riyadh Conference for the formation of one delegation of the opposition forces, which turned into an open confrontation between supporters of the political solution and those trying to circumvent it, seeking to abort the progress that has achieved in this process, in order to block it from truing into concrete measures, specifically the issue of direct negotiations between the regime and the opposition. This was demonstrated by the deliberate delay in the process of forming the delegation. Despite the miserable situation of the so-called “Coalition” [for Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces], after the series of resignations, dismissals, and assassinations of its most prominent figures, some of the shaky regional and Syrian forces tried to pass the idea of containing the national opposition forces, and to treat them with a mentality of annexation, the thing which did not pass, and will never pass, not only because they are in violation of the international resolution, but also because the forces of national opposition are independent in their decision, and insubordinate to domestication, and not ready to make concessions to anyone, either to enemies or even to allies, except if this can facilitate forming one opposition delegation not under the guardianship of anyone nor exclusive of anyone (that is in a way ending the mutual service process through the preconditions, that is going on between the regime extremists and the opposition extremists), and reaching a decent political solution in accordance with the resolution 2254, and its well-known terms: stopping the humanitarian disaster, exterminating terrorism, and achieving the radical and comprehensive national democratic change.

The media debates between the opposition forces, which accompanied the Riyadh meeting, were a clear evidence that there are opposition forces bearing a realistic, flexible, and principles-committed Syrian national project, which have the experience and tools that enable them to secure the Syrian boat to the land of political solution, despite all the complexities and obstacles made by the forces subjected to the regional influence. The latter forces, which had been defeated in the strategic battle, are no longer capable of anything but rioting through abusing the details and procedural aspects of the political solution, and they will fail as all the previous obstacles have failed before, and they will subordinate to what is right...!

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No 838, Nov. 25, 2017