Adapt… Adapt!

Adapt… Adapt!

Day after day, more people become convinced of the idea that the countdown for the Syrian crisis has really begun, and that the Syrian political process through Geneva negotiations is about to take a dramatic qualitative turn in the path of negotiation. Among the convinced, there is a wide spectrum of those who had previously doubted the possibility of reaching such a stage.


The idea is supported by many tangible field and political facts, and official positions of international and regional forces, in addition to the mobility witnessed among the opposition forces. These facts can be summarized as follows:
firstly, de-escalation zones, and their practical outcomes, of calming down the situation and stopping bloodshed in wide areas of Syria, besides the resulting satisfaction felt by people in those areas. In addition, it was stressed that there is a chance of reaching agreements, if case of finding sincere intentions, and trustful guarantors.
Secondly, the terrorist forces are suffering a continuous state of decline in their weight, and reduction of the land area under their control, after the advancement achieved by the Syrian army on many fronts and locations, especially in the border areas with Iraq and Jordan.
Thirdly, the mobility among the ranks of opposition in order to form one delegation. This mobility manifested itself through Lausanne Technical Meetings of the Syrian opposition, and the latest round of Geneva Intra-Syrian Talks. It represents a tangible evidence that opposition can reach commonalities, and that they have the ability to form one delegation of the opposition, and to abort the attempts of the extremist forces within the Riyadh’s opposition, who could not have adapted themselves yet to the new international and regional developments, and to the increasingly positive atmosphere which is being established day after day. The latter forces still release a kind of statements belonging to a different era of time, and still try to circumvent the fait accompli, by indulging themselves in new-old delusions about containing other opposition forces, or by trying to change the negotiation arena, and fabricating new contradictions.
The developments in all trajectories related to the Syrian crisis came as a bold answer to everyone of those who have been, until the early past, betting on the possibility of depending on the “new” American role, which it has been evident that it was just an illusion in a world situation when U.S.A is floundering in the four corners of the earth, and suffering from a state of structural disability, not only preventing it from regaining its previous role, but even from keeping the remaining cards in it hands.
There is no choice left for the extremist forces, except to adapt themselves to the new atmosphere, with all its local, regional, and international dimensions, because the new is crystallizing and imposing its logic on all forces, including the regional and international forces that have been putting obstacles in the way of the solution. Otherwise, the unavoidable alternative, which will be then inserted as an urgent item on the agenda, is the restructuring and rehabilitating of the extremist opposition forces, reaching a new sorting of all opposition forces, in a way that accelerates the process of forming one delegation of the opposition, to start direct negotiations with the government's delegation, in the coming round of Geneva Talks, in line with UN resolution 2254, and find solutions of the three complementary missions: fighting terrorism, stopping the humanitarian disaster, and the political solution leading to a comprehensive, deep, radical, and democratic, national change.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No 823, August 12, 2017.

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