The Russian-US Deal vs. de Mistura’s «Initiative»

The Russian-US Deal vs. de Mistura’s «Initiative»

 The core, written and declared, breakthrough within the 5-doucument Russian-US deal on Syria, has been pushing Washington to wage joint airstrikes against internationally designated terrorist organizations, like ISIS and Al-Nusra Front, with a focus on targeting and liquidating the later in Aleppo. Washington’s war lords and neo-fascism masters, however, managed to push the US administration to suspend the deal that was accomplished under Russian pressure after months of US manipulation, as by taking part in targeting terrorist organizations, those lords and masters would feel as if shooting at their own feet..


Today, the initiative of the UN Special Envoy to Syria, speaks about «pulling» only Al-Nusra militants «out» of Aleppo. Rather than being liquidated, they would be protected and escorted as they leave the eastern neighborhoods of the city. The rest of armed groups would remain and keep «administrating» the eastern area, as they are called moderate, despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of these groups are publicly loyal to, and coordinating with, Al-Nusra.

A logical question, then, arises: Why the People’s Will party and the Change and Liberation front rushed to welcome the «essence» of Mr. de Mistura’s initiative, despite its apparent torsion and distance from the Russian-US deal?

First, they did so because the intact national mind would agree, partially or completely, to whatever contributions that would preserve Syrian blood, especially of women and children, wherever they are.

Secondly, this flectional presentation did not come out of nothing or out of the delicate feelings of the UN and its OSE-Syria. It rather came as a «insinuated revelation» by Washington, representing an American setback, and the start of stepping down the «suspension» ladder. Most probably that was why Moscow rushed to welcome the initiative, as well.

With this case, the ensuing question would be: what is next, where all of this is leading to?

Now, de Mistura’s plan would form for the US administration the new end quest. Paradoxically, it forms at the same time a new scandal for Washington that turned to be a public protector of Al-Nusra, rather than doing so through covert and hindrance means, so far. This same line, however, amidst the current debate in the UN Security Council over draft resolutions on Syria by different members, wouldn’t be reached. The Americans would find themselves obliged to go as closely as possible back to their deal with the Russians, taking into account the new developments related to the ground balance of forces in Syria.

From a wider perspective, the new «initiative/ retreat» would allow seeing the US administration internal balance of forces, between the fascist and «rational» currents, as their conflict has surfaced publicly, giving another evidence, at the end of the day, that the American retreat is a factual reality, that wouldn’t be covered up by any adventurous «warlike» smoke and sound grenades, anymore.

 Ironically too, the US state of division and confusion, amidst the evolving international balance of forces, would make temporal obstacle for the solution in Syria, as much as it would form on the short-run an accelerator for the same solution, taking into account the increasing weight of the Russian role, regionally and worldwide, pushing first and foremost towards implementing the relevant UNSC Resolutions, 2254 in particular, that include launching the needed change process in Syria, in line with implementing the rest of the international statements, resolutions and agreements that deal with combating terrorism. The Syrians should stick loudly to this same parallel, as there is no other objective and serious alternative for it.

kassioun Editorial, Issue No 779, October 9, 2016