Enimies of the Political Solution Deeply Rooting It

Enimies of the Political Solution Deeply Rooting It

A strict and repeated debate is floating on "media surface" about the ability or inability of the political solution, while certain incidents are being microscopically observed- a progress here and a retreat there, a blast in one area and armed clashes in another, etc., to be taken as final political parameters defining the could-be destination of the political solution of the Syrian crisis.

At this very time, the real and actual conflict is going on, not between the political solution and military  one, but about the real sort of political solution and its orientations, as the various political sides are becoming completely convinced that this solution is in progress, fast and steady. The obstacles created by the hardliners on the two sides of the barrier are merely attempts to gain more time out, with the aim to making ideal arrangements of the coming phase, for each. 

What's actually going on is that these obstacle-creators are inventing more obstacles, hoping to steer the course of events according to their interests, due to the fact that this course isn't at their service. In this way they are crashing more and more with the international Russian– American agreement to put a political end  to the crisis, based on compromises that do not fully meet either of the extremists' programs, rather they fall in contradiction with these programs, whether they were propagated on «victory» vs. «bringing down», or a «broadened national government» vs. a «transitional governing structure».

With the increase in the extremists' contradictions with the international consensus by holding up their full programs, they steer the events towards their certain defeat in the political-solution battle, which will be for the interests of Syria and the Syrian people. Moreover, regardless of  the revolutionary slogans and patriotic ones, under which the extremists on both sides are trying to veil themselves, their socio-economic programs share the same liberal approach. To the Syrians, this means heavy corruption affiliated to the western pillage organism that is constantly destroying the state economy,  prevents its rise again, and prevents reconstructing it, paradoxically under the same banner of "re-constructing Syria", as was the case with  "Hariri– Siniora" duet in Lebanon who after the Lebanese civil war turned the "re-construction process of Lebanon" into a huge theft of billions of $US, in parallel to creating a political and ethnic share-system among the war lords there.

One of the most significant characteristics of the coming phase in Syria and of the political solution is the contradiction between the interests of the Syrian people and the new international situation, on the one  hand, and the programs of the extremists and lords of war, on the other. In making these obstacles, the latters are making the political solution more deeply rooted, and opening wider prospects to absolute and one-direction choices, the password for which is to put a final end to economic dependency through creating real  production economy, controlled by a powerful state and supervised by an active and politically organized society.

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