The Horrifying Living Standards Figures of Syrians in War

The Horrifying Living Standards Figures of Syrians in War

The Syrian Pound suffered from a sharp decline vs. the US Dollar, in 2015 and 2016. This has been leading to continuous deterioration of the living standards of the Syrians who still inside the country. The most recent blow the Syrians received was on May 10, 2016, when the Central Bank of Syria, adopted the black  market exchange rate as a new actual high starting point for the green currency at $1/S.P 620..!

A number of factors contribute in this impoverishment and deterioration process against the Syrian people, atop of which are the Western unjust economic sanctions, the internal military and paramilitary sieges, along with other aspects, outcomes and impacts of the war against the Syrian production and operation. Added to this is the increase of exploitation and monopoly of food stuff, exacerbated by continuing with the same liberal economy policy during the war.
«Kassioun» measured the monthly living costs of a Syrian family of 5 persons, in the different Syrian governorates during the month of April, 2016. The results were as follows:

Al-Hasakah – SP 224.000
Damascus – SP 220.000
Aleppo – SP 194.000
Tartus – SP 199.000
As-Suwaida – SP 199.000
Lattakia – SP 188.000
Hama – SP 184.000
Homs- SP 172.000

So, the average monthly living costs for a family of five persons in Syria in April 2016 are SP196.000 that equal $316.
And, if we already know that the average monthly wage in Syria is SP 26500 that equal $43, it will not be so difficult to figure out that all wage-workers in Syria are absolutely poor, who are incapable of providing their necessary food at their current wages.
The Besieged Areas

ISIS besieges Der Ezzor to the North of Syria for two years now. The costs of the necessary food for a 5-person family are SP417.000/ $672.
There are more than 18 besieged areas in Syria by the different parties of the conflict. Prices there are far more higher than the prices in government controlled areas. The prices of the main goods have witnessed, however, a notable decline with the onset of the year, after the access of the humanitarian aids.