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Your Task: Implementation Only...

The debate over the upcoming round of the Geneva negotiations over the Syrian crisis is becoming serious once again, in the context of the ongoing preparations for the resumption of these negotiations on the 28th of this month, as the international envoy announced.

Besiege Your Siege

The declaration of breaking the siege imposed on Deir al-Zour represents a new phase in the history of the Syrian crisis. Most analyses and readings of the event indicate that it is a continuation of the series of field defeats of Daesh [ISIS] terrorist organization. In addition, this event consolidates the appropriate atmosphere for a new advance on the path of the political process, and push it to the stage of direct negotiations between the regime and the opposition, especially as the process goes in parallel with expansion of the de-escalation zones.

Hardline Positions are Deadlocked

Observers of evolution of the Syrian crisis since 2011 have noticed that any hardline position taken by any side has always led to equally hard line ones from the other side, so that the law of action and reaction was the predominant and determining factor in directing the development of events.

The Reasons for not Joining, and What's Next..?!

1- The decision by the Syrian Opposition Change and Liberation Front of not taking part is circumstantial, and has to do with the Riyadh group domination over the formation of the Syrian opposition delegation to Geneva. That platform has practically mourned the upcoming round through its Feb 11 statement that falls in contradiction with the UNSC Resolution 2254.

Statement by Change and Liberation Front

After years of envisaging the choice of the political solution, and after having this choice  being established as the only solution for the Syrian crisis, the leadership of the Change and Liberation Front declares that , under the current conditions, it is not going to take part in the upcoming round of Geneva Intra-Syrian Talks. This comes as a protest against the conduct of the UN Special Envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, that gives special advantages to the Riyadh platform, enabling it from controlling the opposition delegation, despite its Feb 11 statement that violates the UNSCR 2254, and despite its well known positions during the previous rounds, all resulting in blowing up every effort to reach a political solution.