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5.6 Million is the Average Cost of Living for the Syrian Family at the Beginning of Ramadan

With the end of the first quarter of 2023, and since before the beginning of the month of Ramadan, Syrians have directly witnessed significant increases in the prices of various necessary basic commodities. The average cost of living for a Syrian family of 5 has increased according to Kassioun index for the costs of living to jump to more than 5.6 million Syrian pounds (the minimum has reached 3,546,083 Syrian pounds). All this is happening while the minimum of wages (92,970 Syrian pounds, i.e., less than $13 a month) is still very meager and insufficient to actually cover anything from the basics of life.

Kassioun Editorial 1111: What After the Earthquake? stars

It has now been three weeks since the earthquake catastrophe. While the space the disaster occupies in the media and politically is gradually receding, the reality reveals every day new depths of the disaster, as well as tremendous pain and suffering that is crushing the bones of (survivors), if it is correct to describe those who were not killed by the earthquake as survivors.

“There is no Opposition in Regime Areas”… The Opposition is Only That One We Name for You!

In many past articles we have discussed the saying the People’s Will Party has adopted since nearly 2005 (at the time the party was the National Committee for the Unity of the Syrian Communists), that about illusory dualisms. Some of the clearer examples of that are: opponent v. loyalist, secular v. religious, in addition to sectarian, national, and other dualities.

For whom does the Government rule? Between Parasites, Producers, and Millions.

The government has raised the prices of bread and medicines, and raised the pricing of imports: oils, poultry feed, powdered milk, and sugar. This was something expected and it will continue, as the government is managing the affairs of the most powerful: importers; as a vital area for the powers of influence and intrusion, and industrialists at a lower level; as they still have some significance. However, there are 15 million helpless human beings left outside of the government’s considerations. After all, the government rules in favour of the system, and the system only sees society according to how much money and power it has.

Gold, the Dollar, and Food; along Ten Years between Foreign Policy and Internal Policies.

Ten years and our crisis is still ongoing, and the deterioration of the value of the Syrian pound that we see in the increase of the level of prices is its most prominent economic epitome, as it reflects the overall economic, social and political deterioration as well. This insane high rocketing in prices means that poverty is practically reaching more than 85% of Syrians, and also hunger reaching nearly two-thirds of Syrians across the country. It is also an expression of mega-rich people's protection of their wealth through their commodities that preserve their value, most notably: the dollar and gold.

The Energy Crisis is unsolvable; Securing the Quarter at Best.

The Energy crisis is the epitome of all current crises, as it practically reflects the crisis of the Syrian pound and the inability of the funds available in the national currency to secure the needs of importing the mainstay of production, which is represented in oil. It also reflects the crisis of the decline in the economic and social role of the state apparatus and its inability to secure the basics, in addition to the state of production paralysis affecting the country. The worst, is that all the current indications show that the energy crisis cannot be seriously solved with such resources and such performance.

Social Subsidies’ Bill; Securing the Essentials for Continuance does not cost 1800 billion Syrian Pounds!

When the number 3500 billion SYP is mentioned in the budget, we are talking about 40% of total government expenditure for 2021. It’s the most important expenditure bloc in the budget, which is a normal thing because it reflects the significance of the energy sector and securing essential food at least, i.e., it is the sum that expresses the continuance of securing the essentials for living, as the confusion in dealing with subsidies, rethinking about them, and trying to reduce them, is a major part of the crisis of the decline in the means of life support inside the country.

Syrians' Crises are Humanitarian and Political

The long list of crises experienced by the Syrian people continues to increase both in number of its items and the depth of each of them, to the extent that it now includes all aspects of the Syrians life without exception – from bread to fuel, fires, electricity, water, education, and health crises, in addition to the catastrophic living condition that is worsening day after day in parallel with the escalating brutality of high prices and the major plunderers and their policies, and in addition to all of these there are also the sanctions and siege. The crises of refugees, and externally as well as internally displaced persons also continue to deepen, in addition to the crisis of detainees, kidnapped and missing persons – all of these crises continue without any tangible solutions.

2254 and The Golan

Arab and foreign media are broadcasting news and leaks about undeclared negotiations with the Zionist entity. Regardless of whether this news is true or not, those who are leaking them mean that, according to their narrow perceptions governed by their narrow interests, to say that a specific deal is being prepared in the dark and under the table, with specific directions that neither serve the interest of the Syrian people nor the peoples of the entire region.